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The Art of Fashion Shines Through at Art & Soul Boutique! #Review #SpringStyleGuide

Admittedly, I am not a fashion forward person. I typically have no idea what is “on trend”, what the color of the season is, or even what colors would best compliment my skin tone/eye color etc. I don’t really enjoy clothes shopping and I typically purchase what I think looks “cute” and feels comfortable.  It looks like my daughter Drew, is going to be the complete opposite of me in this regard. At just 6 years old, she is quite the fashionista. She loves clothes shopping and picking out outfits not just for herself, but for her little sister too. She is comfortable in almost anything, but definitely prefers dresses and skirts over pants and t-shirts.

We recently got the opportunity to work with the AMAZING Art and Soul Boutique, which
as the name implies, is a Boutique. This particular Boutique offers  a unique line of clothes for children and women and in their own words;  “Art and Soul offers something different all the time. Ranging from casual to elegant and back again for women and girls.”  

When our package arrived, you would have thought it was Christmas all over again for Drew! She shrieked (I am pretty sure she came close to breaking the sound barrier) and jumped while hugging this  beautiful dress still wrapped in plastic.

I was a little less excited than Drew (I didn’t shriek or jump) but I was still pretty excited. Because I am not too much into fashion, I enjoy having other people pick out clothes for me. Amanda Jo did an excellent job finding something that I would feel comfortable in, even though it’s not something that I would likely pick out for myself

. 2014-03-08 16.39.19-1.jpg
Drew’s Dress-Totally Shriek Worthy!

Drew got the Turquoise Twirler Girls Dress, and boy did she twirl in the dress! She planned 3 different occasions to wear it before she even tried it on!

2014-03-09 11.17.13.jpg 2014-03-09 11.17.27.jpg
She LOVES this Dress! Rocking the look!

I received the Always & Forever Powerful Bliss Dress. I thought it was beautiful, but since I am normally a t-shirt and jeans kind of person, I had no idea when I would be wearing it. Once I put it on, I did kind of fall in love with it and would feel comfortable wearing it to church or even on a date night with my husband! 

Me :-)

NOT Me- See the cute bow details?

Here are a few of the items on our wish list from Art and Soul Boutique!




Art & Soul Boutique has so many gorgeous styles available for girls, and women! If you're looking to outfit yourself or a special little girl in your life in comfortably chic cuteness this spring and summer, Art & Soul Boutique has lots of unique options waiting for you!

Want It? Buy It!

Like what you see? Want to see more? Visit the Art & Soul Boutique and shop around! Don’t forget to connect with Art and Soul Boutique on Facebook and on Pinterest!

Special thanks to Art & Soul Boutique for outfitting Drew & myself in these beautiful selections, and allowing us to share about our experience with the MBP community!


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  1. The Turqoise Girls dress is gorgeous! It is one of the best looking girl's dresses that I have ever seen. The clothes styles are gorgeous and I like the purple outfit! Too cute!


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