Wordless Wednesdays: The Little Artist #wordlesswednesday

I imagine that teachers and work/stay at home parents sort of feel the same way when it's super cold outside. You've got to come up with ways to keep the kids entertained and engaged inside, because it's way too cold to go out and play. So, we've been getting creative and doing lots of fun art projects, thank you Pinterest for some great ideas!

Exploring water color paints....

Painting the ocean and a sunset...

Making our very own Rainbow fish...

Fun with sand art...

How are you keeping the kids busy during this cold snap?

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  1. Beautiful pictures. I miss my kids being small and doing crafts. I'm so glad I took lots of photos though and they're fun to share with them now.

  2. We're attempting more arts and crafts... but my daughter, the stubborn little girl that she is, would rather paint other things than paper. Fortunately, the dog didn't mind being sparkly for a few days.


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