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Post-Holiday Check In

Hey everyone! Its been so long since I last posted that Im not even sure where to begin! 

I made it through the Holidays without quitting my diet! Yay!!! I did have a few more cheat dates that I normally would but its ok, I survived. I was down 20lbs before the holidays and Im still down 18 so I think that is pretty good. Especially since we I wasn't working. 

I really noticed that while I was off that I eat when Im bored. Anyone else do that? Its super easy not to snack all day when Im busy working full time, doing sports administration after school, blogging more often, and working a 2nd job at Sylvan. I eat at snack time, lunch, and when I get home at night. However, when Im off I get to eat whenever I want and I can actually cook myself something. Anyone have any tips on how to be "on vacation" but not eat the entire time? 

Im glad that you are all continuing this journey with me and Im sure many of you have started your own seeing as its a new year and all. Good luck to all of you and if you want any yummy low cal recipes let me know, Im getting pretty good at them!!! 


  1. Good for you for sticking with it during the holidays, Jess! Since I'm home, I have to be really careful about snacking, and I also fall into that mommy trap of eating what B is eating for lunch, etc- so it doesn't get wasted. I keep a lot of fresh fruit in the house, so if I'm hungry or feel snack-ish, I eat fruit, or get a spoonful of peanut butter. I love potato chips, and could eat an entire bag in one sitting, so I just don't buy them. If I don't bring that stuff into the house in the first place, it isn't there for me to eat at all. My fave afternoon snack is a tortilla (a small one) smeared with peanut butter, sprinkled with dired cranberries, and rolled up. I have that with a short glass of milk- yeah, 2%, b/c I think anything lower fat than that is just plain gross. Another great snack, high in protein is chopped apples with dried cranberries and peanut butter, all mixe together. You could even throw in a few chocolate chips. Yum! There's no such thing has having too many fruits and veggies for snacks. :)

  2. Thanks O!! That cranberry pb tortilla sounds awesome! I like to put dried cranberries in the bag of cherrios I take to school to snack on.


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