Friday Day Trips and Destinations: Top Five Places I'd Love to Visit in the US

Happy Friday, friends! I have some great Day Trips and Destinations to share with you in the coming weeks, but don't have a local destination to share today. This week has been sort of crazy... next week's featured place will be worth waiting for!

I thought I'd share some places I would love to visit, though. Have you been to any of these places?

Navy Pier, Chicago

I have never really been to Chicago- only the airport, which doesn't really count. My husband's family hails from the Chicago area, and I desperately want to visit and just be an annoying tourist for a few days. I totally want to go to Navy Pier, get a Chicago dog, and experience real deep dish pizza (I have to compare it to the real pizza I know from NY/NJ!).

Seattle, WA

I am a big city lover at heart, and would love to experience Seattle- just once. I know it rains quite a lot there, which means I should never visit for very long or even think about moving there, but I'd love to visit for a few days and just explore the city!

Cape Cod/Martha's Vinyard, MA

My first trip to Boston wasn't all that great, and I'd absolutely love to go back to MA and explore Boston, as well as Martha's Vinyard. I have a soft spot for the New England states in my heart, and just love the coast up that way!

Niagra Falls

I know- it's like you love it or hate it. My husband doesn't particularly want to visit Niagra Falls, but I do... just once- just to see the beauty, power and majesty of the falls. It looks incredible, and I'd love to spend a day or two just walking around, and of course, touring the falls.

Redwood National Forest

This is one of my husband's top places he'd love to visit. I'd definitley love to see the redwoods in person, and our son would probably think the forest was the coolest place in the world! It'd be an amazing place for us to explore and enjoy as a family!

I hope to get to all of these places someday, and many more!

What destinations have you always wanted to visit?

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  1. I want to go see the Niagara Falls! And New York City too!

  2. I was JUST at Navy Pier in Chicago and had a blast... :) Great post

  3. I would love to see the Pyramids! Within the U.S. I want to see the Grand Canyon.


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