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Body By Vi Vi-Shape Shake Mix Balance Kit (Review)

I am the kind of person who believes if you feel that you look good, you feel good, and if you feel good (physically and mentally), you're going to be more motivated in life. I don't usually take much issue with my weight or appearance, but I have my off days, just like everyone else. After I had Balian, I was thankful that nursing him was really helping to get the baby weight off quickly- but there were still some places on my body that were left looking- well, bigger than I wanted. I started exercising more often, and that did wonders for toning up problem areas. I finally got back down to a weight I was happy with, but then the problem would be maintaining that healthy weight.

When you're a mom, you're active. I'm not sure why some folks think that stay at home moms sit around all day, not doing anything. Chasing after kids is a lot of work! Depending on genetics, body types, the speed of our metabolisms, though, we may need a little help getting to or maintaining a healthy weight... or maybe we just want to lose those last five pesky pounds or lose an inch or two around our waists. How can we do that safely?

I have been hearing a lot (and I mean a lot) about Visalus Sciences- Body by Vi, and good things, at that! I was definitely interested in trying it and learning more about it, and when Cheryl Templer offered to send me a 30 day supply, I was immediately excited! It shipped out within just a few days, and I was ready to begin my challenge!

About Body by Vi...

ViSalus literally means Life, Health and Prosperity. Body by Vi was created to help people reach their weight loss goals, and/or to maintain a healthy weight for life. ViSalus also allows the folks participating in weight-loss challenges to promote it- share it with their family and friends, and in return, they are rewarded with free products, money and some even earn vacations, just for sharing their passion for healthy living!

Cheryl sent me the Vi-Shape Nutritional Shake Mix. I received the Balance Kit, which is good for thirty meals. It also comes with a few flavor mix-ins. Using the shake mix is incredibly easy. It comes with a scoop, so there's no measuring. I scooped two scoopfuls of the shake mix into a glass, and added 1% milk to it, stirred it up, and that was it- the shake was ready. The shake mix itself is a sweet cream flavor... and it's really very yummy. I sort of felt like I was drinking dessert for breakfast! I decided to continue the shakes at breakfast, only. They are intended to be used the way you want to use them. If you're just looking to maintain your weight and be a little healthier, replace one meal a day with a Vi-Shape Shake (which is what I did). If you'd like to lose weight, replace two meals a day (like breakfast and lunch) with the Vi-Shape Shakes and eat a sensible dinner. For heart health, drink one shake a day, etc.

 Um- do these shakes look good, or what?

I thought that it would be hard to give up my bagel or english muffin in the mornings, but it wasn't! I got used to the shakes in no time, and after I started noticing the differences it was making in my life, I didn't have any desire to go back to those carb-loaded diet-wreckers! Some mornings, I just drank the shakes plain... some mornings, I used a mix-in (the chocolate is super yummy!), and some mornings, I added fresh fruits in a blender to create my own yummy shake flavors. There are a ton of recipes for different shakes to sort of change it up a little bit. Now- I won't lie, there were some mornings where life was just crazy, and I didn't get to have my shake... so I had a small one for an afternoon snack.

Body by Vi Balance Kit: Includes Vi-Shape Shake Mix (30 meals) and Flavor Mix-Ins

The Vi-Shape Shake Mix is loaded with good for you stuff- including lots of fiber. I loved that I could drink my shake in the morning, and be completely satisfied. Usually, when I eat an early breakfast, I am hungry again by ten in the morning. The Vi-Shape Shakes left me feeling full until it was time for lunch- and even then, I ate less, because I was less hungry. I started feeling lighter, and just all around healthier within just a few days of starting the shakes. I've been drinking them for just about one month, and though I don't weigh myself (because I have personal issues with what scales do to me psychologically), I am happy to report that I am down one pant size. My size 4 pants started becoming loose, and I was flat-out in denial that I just needed to try a smaller size. I thought, 'there's no way I could EVER fit into a size 2!' I bought my first pair of size 2 pants last weekend... and they fit nicely, not snugly. I feel great! I find myself making healthier choices at meal times, and drinking more water. I'm even encouraged to exercise more often.

 Making my shake was as easy as 1-2-3! I just had to scoop, pour, stir and enjoy!

I've been telling everyone in my family about Body by Vi, because it works! A gal I used to work with has been using Body by Vi for a while, and she is like, half the size she used to be (she was a big girl)... looks like a completely different person- and she's just beautiful! I know she feels wonderful, and she's been earning some great rewards by sharing Body by Vi with her friends. Body by Vi has been great for me, because the shakes are an easy, no-brainer for breakfast, and they help me want to live a healthier lifestyle! I'm trying to get my husband to try these shakes, because I think he'd like them, and it would help him drop a few pounds. The shakes would be great for my dad, who has some heart health issues, they'd be great for my mom- who needs a quick, easy and healthy breakfast on the go, and they're just great for everyone! When I started my challenge, I was provided with my own Body by Vi website! It allowed me to set up a profile, track my progress, join in the Body by Vi online community (great encouragement- recipes, exercise tips, etc!), and it even allows me to direct my friends and family who are interested in Body by Vi to my own website, so they can get started! When just three of my friends and family decide to order Body by Vi through my website, and their kits are of equal or greater value than the kit I started with, I am able to get my next month's supply of Vi-Shape Shake Mix for free! So cool how that works! You can do the same thing! Sign up to give Body by Vi a try (you'll love it!), share with your friends, and before you know it, you might all be earning your shake mixes and other Body by Vi products, instead of having to pay for them!

I am always highly skeptical of these types of things... but trust me when I say it's worth trying. It's not going to do anything funky to your body, and it's not going to make you feel weird or anything... no sudden burst of energy with a crash and burn later on. It'll just help you be healthy, and if you want to lose a little extra baggage, this is a safe, effective way to do it. I was not trying to or expecting to lose any weight by drinking one shake a day, but I did and I am so thrilled with these results!

 Body by Vi Balance Kit

Body by Vi of course offers the Shake Mix, but they also have tons of other wonderful products to choose from, and great starter kits, too! The Body by Vi Balance Kit (which is what I received), is just $49.00! Think of what you'll save on your grocery bill just by having a Shake for breakfast every morning! You can also order cookies, shake flavor mix-ins, supplements and more! Body by Vi has an incredible selection!

Want It? Buy It!

I really and truly hope that you'll take some time to head to Cheryl's Body by Vi website and explore all that Body by Vi has to offer (because it's WAY more than I can cover in a review post!). Ask Cheryl about getting your Body by Vi Challenge started, or go ahead and start up on your own through her website! Want more info about the incredible Body by Vi opportunity? Cheryl can help you with that, too! Just send her an e-mail or find her on Facebook!

Special thanks to Cheryl for allowing me the opportunity to try Body by Vi, and introducing me to a healthier lifestyle!


Disclosure: I was sent the above featured product directly from this representative and was not monetarily compensated for facilitating this review. All opinions are my own. Your experience may differ.

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