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Ice Down Summer with ICEBREAKER Nordic Accessories


Thanks to ICEBREAKER Nordic for sending over these containers in exchange for my review. 

I am not quite sure where I got this passion from, but I do love to travel. Now, I hate the "getting there" part. The packing the car, the driving, the obscene early morning flights, the jet lag upon arrival. Maybe it's not so much the "travel" part of the trip, but rather the experiences, learning, and discovery that comes along with each trip. 

Along the way, I've learned that a good ice pack is necessary, especially for those car road trips where you are taking food to your final destination. 

I think that ICEBREAKER Nordic is the perfect accessory to travel with this summer. This accessory is an ice pack and ice maker/ bin/dispenser all in one! It's nice to have ice available for when no machine is available, and to keep your foods cold to & from home, without having to take trays with you and have different gadgets to utilize. I love the option to have this all as one accessory, saving room in our coolers and freezers. 

When we travel, there is always something we are returning home with as well! From the pimento cheese you absolutely loved to a box of chocolates, the ICEBREAKER Nordic will do its job and help your drinks have refreshing ice in them too. 

I think ICEBREAKER Nordic might even work overseas, especially in countries that don't observe ice the same way that we do here in America, because it has nothing in it that would be considered dangerous upon a plane. In fact, it could even be packed into the carry on if no liquid is within it! 

Whatever your fancy, the ICEBREAKER Nordic is here for you. It's super simple to use.

Included instructions say to remove the top, fill the accessory up to the maximum line, close the top, and freeze at the recommended 7 hours. 

There's a line on the sides facing out and inner side, and the instructions tell you to use the maximum line on the outside. Not sure what the difference is, but the maximum line will keep the accessory from spillage. 

Be sure to press firmly on the top when replugging it, and it's probably a good idea to press it along the edges to ensure it's sealed properly.

To remove the ice, press in on the side pockets on each side of the accessory. This helps to loosen the ice up. Open the plug, but have the plug remaining upright. Using the handles on each side of the accessory, pull so that the accessory opens into a larger unit. 

This will break the ice apart and now the plug at the top can be used to pour the ice into your desired unit. Be sure to keep the opening at the top so ice doesn't fly all over creation! 

This unit is designed to never use your hands to touch the ice, which is great if you are camping out and have dirt around, or even if you are trying to limit the germs. 

To reuse, just empty the ice, push the sides back in so it's smaller, and refill with water, plugging the top. 

With a no spillage method, no worries about slipping across the kitchen floor after refilling the gazillion ice trays for your family reunion, party, or vacation. This also means that your ice cubes are the perfect size too, ready to cool you down after a day in the sun. 

Would I use this all the time? Probably not, as I do have a built-in ice maker in my apartment's fridge. Yet, it's the perfect accessory for summer travels. 

Make Road trips, beach trips, picnics, and more perfectly cool and icy with this great accessory. From the church picnic this weekend to beach trips, I can see myself using this on the go a lot this summer. Winter- it might be hit or miss! 

I'll be heading to New Orleans for a Youth Event, and can pop this bad boy into my hotel's fridge for a refreshing drink after that summer heat. I'll be heading to Florida in August and this will be perfect for the mini kitchenettes that I'll encounter! 

This summer, add some ice into your adventures with the ICEBREAKER Nordic, an accessory that will help you stay cool, hydrated, along with your food items too! 

Want it? Get it!

Available in three colors, purchase the accessory directly from ICEBREAKER Nordic orAmazon

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