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Give Your Pets a Happy Summer With EpiPaws Age Testing Kits


Thanks to Epipaws for sending the Pet Age Test Kit in exchange for a review. All thoughts are my own.

This summer, Chachi is living his best life. It's been officially a year since he joined my family. During that year, we have learned so many things about him! The foods he likes, his love for walks, his obsession with all treats, and how he likes to snuggle and sleep! One thing we have struggled with is knowing how to treat him because we don't know his age.

As a rescue, Chachi was given up due to owner death. There were little records that were sent with him, and we only guessed his age based on his teen and microchip records. The vet and the microchip agree that the boy is between 11 and 12, but sometimes I really wonder because he is full of life and doesn't act like an adult senior dog all the time. 

Although Chachi loves to walk, the summer has been hard too because of the bugs, heat, humidity, and his dang allergy problems. When I heard about EpiPaws, I was immediately interested in testing out this Pet Age Kit because I want to know Chachi's age! Knowing his age will help us as we prepare for his health concerns and to know what nutrition he needs along the way. 

The EpiPaws Pet Age Testing Kit was extremely easy to use. For any of us who have had covid tests, it's much the same method. There's a vial with liquid, there are two swabs, and a list of instructions to follow.  Using our Pet's DNA, EpiPaws estimates the age of our dogs and cats from a mouth swab. 

As I live alone, it was hard to get the swabbing done, even with my sweet boy's demeanor, so I do suggest having a friend or family member help out. 

Some things to note:
  • Register your kit first. A QR code that leads to a Google form is provided. This is how the company will track your pet's results via the sample you send in. 
  • Read the instructions and understand how you need to swap your pet before actually doing so. This helps eliminate that random time when your pet can escape because they are uncomfortable. 
  • Have all your kit's items ready for use, to cut down on the time you actually need to hold your pet and get the job done. 
  • Be sure to include the name on your pet's sample as well as put the information sheet back in the box before closing it up. 
Chachi is fairly easy going, but like most pets, hates his mouth and his eyes messed with, so swabbing took a few minutes. I'm hopeful that we got it accordingly, as the instructions say to get the area between his cheek and mouth, which is kind of difficult to do. He kept wanting to bite the stick because he didn't like the poking! There are two swabs, which both get sent in, remaining in the liquid.

After swabbing and preparing the shipment accordingly, it just needs to be sent via USPS in the same box that the kit came in, using the provided label. I loved this because there is no finding a new box- but just be aware so that you don't rip into the box upon arrival! 

When EpiPaws receives your kit, you will receive an email with an update. Make sure to confirm receipt as that is the email that will be used to receive your results! Results can range from 4–6 weeks, so be patient. I will definitely share part two with you when it's time!

Why EpiPaws? The results can help determine your pet's health needs. Determining nutrition, exercise, behavior needs all help our pets stay healthy so they can live the best summers ever. If you know how old your pets are, you might be less likely to push them in the high summer humidity if they are older, or have heart conditions. Knowing age can also help with things like allergies and eating issues too. 

If your family isn't sure of your pet's age, and you would like to know, perhaps because of health concerns, or just regular nutrition needs, or a deep burning desire to know how long it may be in your life, then EpiPaws is for you! Help your family's pet have a healthy, happy, safe summer by grabbing an EpiPaws Pet Age Test kit!

Stay tuned for part two and the results! 

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