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Upgrade Mom's Wardrobe With the Chrysalis Cardi from Encircled!


Every single time I go away, no matter whether it's work or play, I overpack my suitcase because I can't decide what to take, need pieces for every type of event & every type of weather. I really don't own that many pieces of clothing and regularly purge my wardrobe for things no longer worn, or just plain worn out, but sometimes new items are needed.

If your closet and suitcase sounds anything remotely like mine, then you might want to check out Encircled. This clothing brand was created out of a desire to have fashionable, eco-friendly, and sustainable clothing that travels well. Pieces are fairly adaptable for business, travel, and leisure as well.

Encircled was kind enough to send me their first and staple piece: the Chrysalis Cardi. 

The Chrysalis Cardi laid out with two snaps

The Chrysalis Cardi is a garment that is made of stretchy fabric so that the consumer can wear it in 8 different styles just by some twists and button clasps. Available in five colors, the Cardi has 4 top snaps and 2 bottom snaps that allow the garment to transform into various wrap dress and cardigan styles. 

The Cardi comes in three sizes: petite, medium, and maxi. The recommendation is to size down if you think you are between sizes. Customer service would be glad to help you out too! I told them my current sizing, and they made the decision for me. I will say, it is a lot of fabric and the dress sleeves do not stay up on my shoulders, but that's pretty common for me as I'm shorter than average. It also arrives with a belt sash to help give your form some shape with the dresses. 

The Wrap

The 8 styles that can be worn are:

  • The Cocoon Cardi
  • The Cape
  • The One Shoulder Dress
  • The Wrap Dress
  • The Grecian Tunic
  • The Scarves
  • The Wrap (Cardigan Style)
  • The X- Back Halter
The Cocoon

The Cardi has a top side that has 4 button clasps and a bottom with two. There are female and male ends that attach to create one shoulder looks, wraps, and more with your garment. 

Snap closure to keep various designs in place

Follow the card that arrives with your garment or find all the styling videos to follow the model. Hopefully you are better at figuring out some of the styles than I am!

To be perfectly honest, I spent an hour reading through instructions and watching the Encircled tutorial videos and still am extremely confused about several of the styles. They are probably styles I'd never wear anyway (like the X- Back Halter), but I couldn't even get the cape to really work properly.

Shoulder Snap closure for Wrap Dress

The Cape- once I finally figured it out! 

If you get frustrated easily with design, then this might not be the garment for you. If you have patience and like figuring out different styles, then this is definitely for you! Of course, customer service is always available to help. I found the video tutorials, while short, helpful in some ways but not in others, because they are short and go by fast. 

Double Scarf

I love how the fabric feels- its soft and manipulative, but still provides good coverage. I'd say that I like the dresses the most, but in general, I'm not comfortable with one shoulder stuff, and am always afraid something will be revealed, so not sure if I'd go that route often. 

I'd probably end up wearing an undershirt with most of the styles, even the regular dresses, for additional support, as there is a lot of fabric on the maxi. Sizing is so weird for me, because I am shorter, but have larger hips, waist, and chest areas.

Grecian Style Dress

Overall, I really like this garment and can see myself wearing it throughout the summer, especially as a lightweight dress. I think it would also be great as a wrap and cardigan once I figure out those styles too! 

Neckline is a tad bit loose for me.. I'd probably need to wear an undergarment.

I was sent the black color, which is a good, versatile color, but I love the other colors that Encircled has as well. And, if the Chrysalis Cardi doesn't pique your interest, Encircled has lots of other choices for you to grab a great Mother's Day gift from!

One Shoulder Dress without Sash

One Shoulder Dress With Sash- obviously more form fitting! 

This Mother's Day, up your clothing game and save your sanity packing for your next trip with the Chrysalis Cardi. Just be sure to toss in your card so that you remember how to create all your favorite looks!

Want it? Get it!

Find the Chrysalis Cardi on Encircled. Not sure what size your mom is or what piece she might like? Grab a gift card instead!

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