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Photoshoot & Spring Holiday Ready With Denman Hairbrushes


Thanks to Denman for providing these brushes in exchange for a review. All thoughts are my own.

A few days ago, I went to my stylist for my 10–12 week cut. I have wavy thick hair that becomes unruly and tangled when I don't keep up with split end trims, washes, and detangling. In fact, I can brush my hair in the morning and by afternoon it's a tangled mess due to winds and daily activities. 

When I heard about Denman, I knew I needed to upgrade my brush game. I know I've had the same brush for the almost six years I've lived in Wilmington, and probably longer than that. I've noticed the bristles are breaking, and it's in desperate need of replacement. 

Also, when washing my hair, I've also noticed that I really need a comb or brush to not only detangle but also to collect all the hair so that it doesn't clog up the drain! I am excited to say that Denman has many different hairbrushes to meet our spring styling needs.

In my recent styling appointment, we decided to add in some layers and do away with some of my length because, well, spring is here! This doesn't mean that I don't need great brushes to help out with my new cut. In fact, proper brushes can help my mane smooth and silky, even with a blow out. Or, if I'm lazy and just want an air-dry, it will keep the frizzies at bay and at least somewhat of a style! 

When I wash my hair, I know that the D6 Palm Styler not only massages my scalp but also detangles while washing and conditioning hair. Massaging the scalp prevents product buildup, stimulates the senses, and just generally feels good! This circular tool is meant to be used in the shower and helps style hair as needed. 

Next up, when my hair regains its growth and length, as it will in a few short weeks (it grows fast!), the Wet & Dry Detangler for all hair types will be a very used feature, especially post-shower. 

It's necessary to get the tangles out, even if I just get my hair wet, to prevent damage and to help with proper drying. It also helps my hair to "shed" as the loose hairs will be caught up with the brushes bristles. It's also perfect for shower detangling, but can be used on dry hair as well!

To be honest, this little brush feels like a massager when combing through wet hair in the shower! I think it helps stimulate my brain nerves so that I function better too! 

The D83 Gentle Paddle Brush has become my favorite hair tool as of late. Paddle brushes are great for blow-drying, as the hair can be held out to the side, straightened, while a blow-dryer attacks it for drying and style. 

The handle is meant to provide extra grip and prevent slippage while styling. The brush bristles are gentle too, unlike some of those brushes that have bristles that dig into my scalp like little pins. The Gentle Paddle is mostly used for soft, natural styles, especially ones that use a tool like a flat-iron or blow-dryer. 

This Spring season, up your hairstyling game with Denman products. There is seriously a brush for every hair type and need! No matter whether it's Easter, Mother's Day, or just summer vacation pictures, Denman hairbrushes will help you achieve the look you desire, and help keep the summer frizzies at bay in the process! Also, don't forget the men in your life, because there are hairbrushes specifically for them as well! 

Want it? Get it!

Find your favorite Denman product just in time for spring photos!

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