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Help Your Dog Have a Healthy & Happy Spring with Squishface!

Thanks to Squishface for helping to keep Chachi healthy with these great products. All thoughts are my own.

Have you noticed how much your 4- legged creature grooms him or her self? Our dogs and cats need just as much love as we take care of ourselves: washing faces, wiping paws, keeping wrinkles free of dirt and debris, and general love and care. 

Many breeds, unfortunately, need some extra attention because of the way their bodies react to dirt and grime. If your dog has wrinkles like a Frenchie, gets tear stains around its eyes like Shih Tzu's or just needs some general ear maintenance because of its fluffy and small ear canals, then Squishface is for you!

Squishface is on a mission to keep our dogs happy, healthy, and clean! Made especially for dogs with wrinkles, products help with tear stains, to keep wrinkles, tail pockets, and ears clean and free of debris. Our 4- legged friends of certain breeds need extra love and attention so that they don't develop skin infections and irritations. 

While Chachi doesn't have wrinkles like bullies do, he does have a tail pocket and he does get tear stains often due to his dry- eye syndrome. Dry Eyes, and other eye issues, cause gunk to build up around eye corners, and eventually leads to tear stains and dark discoloration. 

Tear Stain paste is available to help those pesky buildups outside our pup's eyes disappear. The Tear Stain paste has a similar formula as the Wrinkle paste described below, its made specifically for doggos with longer hair (especially around the eyes). The paste says its for dogs with white hair around the eyes, where it's obvious when tear stains exist, but for Chachi, this works as well too because he grows longer hair around his eyes rather quickly between grooms! 

Even if your pup doesn't exactly like a human messing with their faces, the paste is super easy to use. Grab a dollop, hold your doggo tight, and rub it around the tear stained area, trying to get the skin to absorb it as much as possible. 

In fact, an applicator is available for purchase if you don't want to use your fingers! Using my fingers was fine and after a week's use, I really do see a result, even if Chachi won't sit still to let me get a proper photo!

Squishface Wrinkle Paste is a dog skincare product formulated with antibacterial and antifungal properties, to effectively fight against yeast, fungus, and bacteria. But that’s not all - with the soothing blend of ingredients such as coconut oil, shea butter, and avocado oil, this combination helps nourish and protect your pup’s skin.

Next up, the ear wipes are for any pup that needs some extra care around the ears. A lot of smaller breeds have shorter ear canals, which breeds yeast easier. Chachi has issues regularly and hates anyone messing with his ears. He tolerates cleanings, but using these wipes is so much easier!

Just like humans, it's not good to use q-tips because dogs often move, and you don't want to puncture anything deep in there. These ear wipes slip over the finger like a glove and are able to collect all the dirty debris in your pup's ear! Dirt from the dog park, dark ear wax from developing yeast infections, you name it! 

Finally, if you have a dog with wrinkles, then the wrinkle paste and wrinkle wipes are for you. Wrinkle paste is to keep irritation at bay if your loved one develops rashes, yeast infections, and everything else away! Wrinkle paste should be applied daily for about a week to see results. In between, keep your pups feet, rolls, and wrinkles free and clear with wet wipes. The Wrinkle wet wipes are the perfect way to wipe your dog down after a dusty day outside, so that they don't develop infections. 

Squishface Wrinkle Wipes contain the effective ingredients ketoconazole and chlorhexidine, which effectively work to fight against bacteria, yeast, and fungus. But that’s not all! These wipes also contain Phytosphingosine - a key ingredient in skincare that helps support the skin's natural barrier function, while promoting hydration and preventing moisture loss

Chachi actually likes me wiping his feet down after we come back in, because otherwise he gnaws at them continuously. Plus, have you SEEN how much dirt your doggo brings in? No amount of washing blankets is going to help if they are walking around with dirty paws and tails! 

All Squishface products are free of fragrance, alcohol, and other allergens. They are made in the US and are cruelty-free as well. For the Wrinkle Wipes, 

If spring is causing you to be outside more, but the dusty windy days are causing your dog to develop irritations and allergies, then Squishface is meant for your family, for sure! Their wipes and pastes will keep any dog healthy through springtime, especially as they long to run after the butterflies and birds! 

Help your pet have a happy Spring with Squishface!

Want it? Get it!

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