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Give the Gift of Focused Breathing from Moonbird This New Year

Breathe! It may sound easy, but distractions often triumph over our focus. Moonbird helps to have something to hold onto— literally. 

Whether you'd like to shave the sharp edges off of your anxiety, set your mind to zero, self-regulate, or fall asleep when your head hits the pillow: you already have the solution and Moonbird is there to help!

Moonbird’s scientific research led them to something so simple we all tend to overlook it: your breath. Not only does it keep you alive, but you can also use it to reset yourself. Moonbird’s mission is easy: to make as many people as possible discover how much power they hold…just by breathing.

I don’t know about you, but I forget to breathe. Thankfully my brain doesn’t but deep resetting breaths are not something I do on the regular and often have to remind myself to just breathe which helps my body to relax and reset. So when Moonbird offered for me to try their amazing product, I was so excited! My husband and I both used it. I liked how it helped me actually breathe because I don't always take the deep breaths my body needs to relax. My husband deals with a lot of anxiety and uses the Moonbird often to calm it. He actually used it on flights to help him fly more at ease during liftoff and landing.

We also used the app that goes with it. Downloading the app maximizes your experience and greatly expands Moonbird’s capabilities. The app allows your phone to connect to your Moonbird device via Bluetooth. Within the app you can choose from five different breathing exercises including those that target falling asleep, curbing anxiety, and balancing your nervous system. Starting an exercise on the app causes the Moonbird to regulate your breathing for the number of minutes that you set. The specific rate of inhaling and exhaling depends on the exercise you choose. During the breathing exercise, Moonbird tracks your heart rate so that you can visualize your relaxation. A gentle, soothing voice coaches and encourages you during the breathing exercise if you wish to turn it on. The most helpful of these guide you through distracting thoughts and remind you to “give yourself permission to relax.” 

Another app feature is the “guide” which instructs you in “Breathing basics,” and how to  “Beat Insomnia With Breathing,” and “Curb Your Anxiety.” 

The “21-Day Journey” segment is a guide to the importance of proper breathing for overall mental and physical health.  It will only take a couple of “day” sessions (short videos or paragraph readings) to help you realize that you have been taking for granted one of the most important tools you have for generating good health- simply breathing.  

The app and Moonbird device guide your breathing through distractions and wandering thoughts which may impede you if you attempt breathing exercises on your own. Its ability to track your progress and the number of sessions per day or week are further conveniences. The app will even give you gentle reminders to start a breathing session that you have scheduled. 

Want it? Get it!

Check out Moonbird and breathe well again! Purchase yours on their website!

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