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The Best "That Was Great But Never Again" New Year's Eve Experience


Do you remember the New Year's Eve episode from How I Met Your Mother? The gang races around the city, trying to find the best party, and to be in the best location possible when the clock strikes 12. In the process, they lose each other, and a bunch of insanity happens.

I've never really been into that scene. While I think that one NYE in Times Square might be fun, the reality is, I would be miserable. I'd rather be in a quiet home with some good friends enjoying good food. I'm not into the party atmosphere, I'm not a drinker, and I really couldn't care less about traditional NYE festivities. I've celebrated over the years in various ways, and I do have a few memorable "never again" experiences. I have a few "I really enjoyed that and would do it again" experiences too.

Two such experiences stand out:

1) The "I could do it again": One year, I decided to celebrate NYE at the Biltmore Estate. I stayed on property and booked a fancy dinner at the Bistro. I live alone right now and have no issues doing things along, including traveling (within reason-there are some travel destinations I won't do alone for safety purposes). I was enjoying my nice dinner at the bistro in Antler Hill Village. I was dressed up, and yes, obviously alone. I was enjoying my dinner when, all of a sudden, someone came over to invite me to their table. I could see her husband cringing in the background. Obviously, he wanted it to be a special evening and here his significant other was, trying to invite a solo stranger to dine with them. They were very nice to offer, but I politely declined. I sometimes enjoy being alone and honestly, joining strangers is more of a task for me than it is for most people. I am not good with small talk. I don't mind talking to the servers and/or tables near me, but to join someone else's holiday meal.. awkward. 

After dinner, I was able to see fireworks held on the estate and bring in the new year by looking up at the stars. It was a perfect celebration, albeit, alone! 

2) The "I loved it once, but never again" experience: NYE in London. I lived in England for a year post undergrad doing volunteer work through the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America's Young Adult Mission Program. One of my newly acquired American friends invited me to join her for NYE in London. Neither of us were serving our time in London, so it required a series of buses and trains to reach the city. I actually had ventured to Bruges, Belgium, prior to this experience and came back into the city on NYE. 

The City was PACKED. My friend and I had an agreed upon destination, and we did have basic cell phones (this was in 06/07), so finding each other wasn't too difficult. I do remember being in a throng of people, I remember being near the London Eye & Big Ben, and counting down the hour. 

The thing I REALLY remember is the trek back to the subway, battling folks to get on to head back to her host family's home. I remember it was literally standing room only.. including the buses the next morning as I had to head back to my location. It was also like, 4 AM, when we finally arrived to her home (which, on a regular day, was only about an hour outside the city). 

One of those definite, I'm glad I went and experienced London on NYE moments, but to do it the same way again, no!. I "might" do it again differently. I wouldn't want to be in the throng of people. IF I was in London during the holidays, I'd prefer to be at a nice dinner, perhaps a play or listening to amazing music, with a great view, and have the countdown experience without the freezing cold too! 

What's your best NYE memory? 

What's your worst NYE memory? 

Do you have plans this year? 

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