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Chic, Timeless, Comfortable and Easy on the Earth Women's Clothing from Dessous Loungewear is a Great Gift for the Women in Your Life


At Dessous Loungewear, they believe comfort and fashion doesn't have to be mutually exclusive, style has no size, and that we must consider the effect on our planet with every purchase we make. Dessous is a slow-fashion company for every woman who wants chic, comfortable, timeless clothing that’s easy on the Earth. Their belief is the most important thing underneath it all...is you.


Get to know Dessous Loungewear! Jaclyn Schoknecht, founder and designer, established the company for herself, her friends, and women like them. I find myself relating to Jaclyn when she said Dessous Loungewear is for, “...women who are shocked to find themselves in the second half of life and relishing the journey. We’re Gen Xers still in our checkered Vans and concert t-shirts, but wondering why someone keeps turning up the heat! We’re Baby Boomers concerned about the state of the planet we’ll be leaving to our kids and grandkids. We’re Millennials doing our best to juggle work and family. We want to be stylish, but we value comfort. We crave the adventure of travel but are always happy to return home. We’re educated and informed while still being well aware of the innumerable things we don’t know.”


Their simple, chic designs are perfect for your busy life! Dessous Loungewear believes a caftan is the ideal garment. It's ageless and timeless while still being modern, stylish, and comfortable. With its easy and free-flowing style, a caftan works for women of all sizes and shapes and is perfect for virtually any occasion. What other single garment could you wear for sleeping, running errands, breastfeeding, a Zoom meeting, cooling down after a workout, on the beach, at a formal event, and while hosting a dinner party?


As a menopausal woman, I am always looking for stylish, flowy, cool clothing I can wear and layer with because I never know when a hot flash is gonna hit. Every layer has to be fun to wear. Dessous came through with their gorgeous Bianca caftan. Inspired by fashion muse Bianca Jagger, the Bianca caftan provides loosely structured ease, featuring a band collar, V-placket neckline, full, cuffed 3/4 length sleeves, and roomy patch pockets. Its midi-length hem looks great with flip-flops, strappy heels, or barefoot. It is made with 63% Tencel™ Lyocell, 37% Lenzing™ Viscose, and comes in sizes 1, 2, and 3, and has side slits for ease of movement. It is easy to care for by hand washing and hanging or laying flat to dry or you can have it dry cleaned.


I loved wearing the Bianca Caftan in Plum. It was beautifully layered over leggings and a long-sleeved shirt as well as on its own. The caftan was, and is, a very versatile piece of clothing and I think every woman should have at least one in their closet!

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