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Tips to Reduce Anxiety for School


Do you see your kids struggling with anxiety and you want to help them? They don’t have to fight the battle alone, and you can be the parent who offers solutions instead of being frustrated and worrying on top of their anxiety issues.

Here are our top tips for combating anxiety in school children in regards to their schedule and workload. There is help for those who are feeling anxious and overwhelmed, and we hope some of these methods can assist you.

Help Kids Schedule Their Time

A lot of the anxiety that kids feel around their school has to do with a lack of preparation. They may not spend enough time studying and preparing for school. Or they may wait until the last minute to get their homework done. This is going to cause a lot of stress, because your kids will be trying to cram into a small space of time something that they should have spread out a bit more. Poor time management will hurt them in the short term with anxiety and in the long term with more serious consequences, like depression, poor grades, and a dislike for school.

If your kids have a tendency to not write down notes and assignments, then they may struggle to remember when work is due or what they are supposed to be doing. They may completely forget assignments and suffer as a result.

Help your kids by working on a schedule with them. Tell them that they can play after they have done their homework. Ask them what they have to do for school when they finish with school each day. This will help them think back and remember what they ought to be working on. You can also help them draw up a schedule and ensure they have notebooks to write down notes. Encourage them to write notes each day and look back through their notes regularly so that they don’t forget assignments.

Encourage Good Sleep Habits

Sometimes, anxiety is caused by a lack of proper sleep. Your kids may go to bed at a good time, but they might not be getting quality sleep. That could happen because they are worried or they are looking at screens right before bed. It could be because they are not getting enough exercise. You can help them by assigning them a set bedtime each night and enforcing that. Keep them off of screens for an hour or two before bed and ensure that they are getting adequate exercise each day.

They may struggle to sleep well because of allergy issues or breathing problems. You can do them a big favor by keeping their room neat and clean. Dusting regularly and vacuuming under their bed can eliminate a lot of allergens and particles that would hinder sleep. If you can’t keep up with that work on your own, our advice for house cleaners in Bronx, NY and other areas is that you hire professionals for the work. You may be the house cleaner most of the time, but don’t be afraid to hire some help every now and then.

There are a number of ways to encourage good sleep habits, but it always starts with a set bedtime and wake up time that give enough time for the child to sleep. Assist them in getting a good night’s sleep by letting them relax before bed and keeping the room quiet and dark for them as they sleep.

Talk to Them about Their Anxiety

If you see your kids acting worried and anxious or acting out in any way, then it is time to have a talk with them. Keep communication open so that they can feel comfortable talking to you and feel like they can tell you anything. They may not want to open up to you at first, but if you make a space that is welcoming and nonjudgmental, then they may open up eventually.

Let them know that you are there for them and that you want to assist them. Just talking about their anxiety can help them cope with it. They may feel like they are struggling with everything on their own, and when you let them know that they have a friend in you, that goes a long way.

If necessary, bring your child to a professional who they can talk to about their problems. You may not be able to help them through the crisis, but someone with training may be able to. Even though you want to fix the problem on your own, sometimes what is best for your child is for you to get them some outside help.

Enforce Good Eating Habits

Did you know that some foods increase stress and anxiety levels? Part of the reason your child is experiencing stress could be due to what they are eating or drinking. This isn’t the only reason for their stress, of course, but it could be taking a minor problem and making it worse.

Foods that are high in caffeine or sugar can elevate stress. You need to be especially careful about the carbonated drinks and coffee your kids consume. Sugary and sweet snacks are okay in small quantities, but they are harmful in excess.

Be sure that your kids get a healthy and balanced diet that includes plenty of vegetables, fruits and foods with good nutrition content. If they are lacking proper nutrients, they may feel stressed more easily, and they may have a chemical or hormonal imbalance that needs to be fixed.

Remember that if you struggle in helping your kid in any of these areas or your efforts are not working, then seek professional advice for your child. Schooltime can be strenuous, but you can put things in place that make life easier on your kids and help them to cope with the issues they may be facing. Support them by empowering them to sleep well and eat healthy, and as they take care of their body, they will strengthen their mind.

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