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Stay Powered With Gifts From CyberBrands & CyberBackpack

Thanks CyberBrands for sending over the CyberPowerBank in exchange for a review. All thoughts are my own. 

Are you traveling this holiday season? Every year, we hear about how flight cancellations cause frustration, lack of hotel housing, and sleepless nights on the hotel floor. Trust me, I've been there over the years and it's not fun!

Regardless of whether you are traveling by air or car, you will want to protect your valuables as much as possible. This holiday season, consider gifting Cyberbackpack to your travel weary friends. They will love the sleek designs and anti theft devices found in Cyberbackpack and luggage! Each backpack and piece of luggage has a hard shell exterior designed to protect all types of technology and valuables. Anti-theft locks provide extra protection but also provide TSA access, if needed. 

My favorite part about Cyberbackpack products is that each piece arrives with a powerbank! Being stuck in an airport, on a bus, or whatever method of transportation during your holiday season is no fun when your phone is down to 10%, and you are trying to stay in touch with your family. After all, it's not Home Alone and not everyone can catch a ride with a Christmas-song playing Polka Band. 

The CyberPowerBank is a high capacity bank with 4000 mAh of battery life. Designed to charge phones twice, it contains USB-A and USB-C charging points. I am extremely excited about this product because most powerbanks die after just a few uses, or charge phones inconsistently. 

I have been sent one of these to test out, and I am pleasantly surprised. I've been finding that I've been using my phone a lot for various reasons and have to charge it throughout the day. While I have a charging cable in my office, car, and home; sometimes I'm in meetings or at places where I might not have charging access. This powerbank comes in handy for sure! 

It comes with a USB-A charging cable to charge the device, but a wall brick (or perhaps, your laptop) will be needed. You will need your own charging cable to connect the powerbank to your device. 

The powerbank has 4 blue lights to indicate battery level. When it's full, all 4 lights are blue and lit. As the battery of the powerbank diminishes, lights will turn off. I like this feature because there is no guessing whether it's full battery or low battery, unlike some other devices out there!

This specific powerbank is designed to fit the cyberpacks and cyberluggage that CyberBackpack creates, yet it's perfect for the techie that needs their devices to be charged! The charging speed is 5V/2A, so just make sure your device is compatible. 

This powerbank will be great for your holiday photo taking at Christmas Markets, Light Shows, and other vacation adventures! It's a sleek easy design but is slightly larger than the average powerbank, so it might not fit into your front pocket! It is designed to withstand dropping though, so no worries if it accidentally falls. 

Another thing about this power bank that I like is that it has a power button! Most power banks do not, and I often wonder if they continue to utilize power after you remove your device from charging. This power bank will turn on automatically once connected to a device, but there is a button next to the charging lights to turn it off. Press it twice in a row to turn it off and once to turn it on, if needed. I think this will help save its energy, so it can charge your device to the best capabilities! 

This holiday season, grab a CyberPowerBank to keep your tech charged and everyone accessible!

Thanks to CyberBackpack for participating in our 2023 Holiday Gift Guide! For more exciting gift options, head over to Mommy's Block Party and check out our gift selections! 

Want it? Get it!

Gift the CyberPowerBank or CyberBackpack to the techie in your life this year!

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