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No Longer Enjoying the Things You Used to Love? You Might Have Anhedonia

When you no longer feel a connection to positive emotions, depression is the first thing that comes to mind. But what if the problem is much deeper than regular depression? Anhedonia is real, and without treatment it can ruin your life.

The Truth

When people talk about depression, there is a good chance the conversation includes Anhedonia. The APA lists Anhedonia as “the inability to enjoy experiences or activities that normally would be pleasurable.” Personality traits make this a difficult thing to pinpoint without professional help. The quiet person that never talks to anyone could just be shy. And the angry guy that yells could just be going through a rough life patch. If you consider depression hard to point out, then Anhedonia will be twice as hard. This is why it is important to seek professional help whenever you sustain symptoms related to depression. 


The two main types of Anhedonia are physical and social. These two types relate to the symptoms associated with the individual. Physical Anhedonia makes food taste bland and touch feel uncomfortable. The physical things that once brought you joy will either make you uncomfortable or completely turn you off.

Social Anhedonia sufferers will find that their personal relationships are hit the hardest. Lack of interest in connecting and intimacy, antisocial behavior and even unbalanced feelings. Do you know a person that is always talking bad about themselves? Or how about a friend with bad social anxiety? Both of these situations point to symptoms that can be attributed to Anhedonia. 


Until you get a diagnosis, it is a pure guessing game on whether or not Anhedonia is the problem. Depression categories are vast, and there is a big difference between temporary and long-term mental problems. Self-medicating mental symptoms is not recommended, and a single consultation with a doctor will only take a moment. The diagnosis consists of questions, and a few lab tests that may check hormones or vitamins. Based off of that information, your doctor can lead you down the correct treatment path. 


The underlying cause of your Anhedonia is what determines the treatment type. There are even situations where the initial diagnosis may require a stricter treatment plan. When this happens, substance abuse or another severe condition are at fault.

But for the average case of a person suffering from Anhedonia, talk therapy is a good first step. Comfort in both the therapist and their treatment plan is required for a successful meeting. For individuals that suffer from crippling social anxiety, online therapy is also an option. Anhedonia is treated from multiple angles, so flexible treatment options are a necessary. On the patient side, this brings a sense of comfort in every therapy session. On the doctor side, it brings confidence in how every treatment is administered. 

Find Joy in Everything

Everyone has days that seem like they drag on forever. But getting to the bounce back point is the difference between a bad day and having Anhedonia symptoms. Reclaim your joy by being proactive with your mental health treatment. 

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