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Give Yourself the Gift of a Solo Date: Get to Know Yourself Again

 Solo dating is self-care and I highly suggest it! I take solo dates often as a way to decompress from everything on my plate! Here, I list my top ten solo dates I have taken! 

It is so important to learn to enjoy spending time with yourself. This is no small task, I know. We moms rarely put ourselves first and some of us lose ourselves in the day-to-day mundane. It's time to rediscover who we are, reconnect with our inner selves, remember our hopes, and dreams, and reflect on how we have changed. 

Solo dating can help you learn what you enjoy, and what your passions are, and with your cup full, it is easier to pour out what is needed in your everyday hustle and bustle, especially this time of year! Don't lose yourself this holiday season, take time to date yourself.

I wanted to share some of my favorite solo dates I have taken myself on to help you get started getting to know yourself again.

My Top Ten Favorite Solo Dates

  1. Have a picnic in the park with your favorite book or game
  2. Go see a movie and not have to share your snacks
  3. Explore your city as a tourist might - you may discover new fun things to do
  4. Create a playlist of your favorite songs and take a long drive while you jam out
  5. Set up a tripod and have your own photo session in some of your favorite places
  6. Go to a park and paint in nature
  7. Order your favorite takeout and binge-watch your favorite shows or movies
  8. Go on a solo weekend getaway  
  9. Spend your time at an arcade playing games from your childhood
  10. Change your hairstyle, or get a main-pedi, and enjoy a spa day
Whatever you decide to do with your time alone, make sure it is something you enjoy or something that encourages you to try something new so you can truly get to know YOU!

Have you ever gone on a solo date? Which idea would you most like to try?


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