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Pets and their Health


Our furry family members add so much to our lives! They act silly, make us move, and are generally fun additions to our families. When they get sick, it can be heart breaking, especially because they can't tell us what's wrong!

Over the weekend, my little guy developed a cough. He has regular seasonal allergies like most humans, so I didn't think much of it, because we had been trasping all over God's creation Saturday afternoon with a wonderful walk in the cool weather. Yet, by Sunday afternoon he was having difficulties with coughing, breathing, vomiting- all the above. He even wanted my physical attention, by jumping up on me and wanting me to pet him- which is not something he normally does. I knew he wasn't feeling well, so made the call to head to the ER vet. especially after witnessing what I deem almost like a doggie asthma attack, where it was obvious he was having trouble breathing. 

An hour half later, he was fine. No respitatory distress, no coughing, and acting like normal. We still had not been seen by the ER vet and were banished to outside in case it was a serious virius, so I made the call with my friend who was with me that we would leave and keep an eye out. If he got worse, we could always go back, otherwise I'd call his vet the next morning.

The evening and night went by with some episodes, but none as scary as that initial one. I called his vet and got an appointment scheduled same-day. Turns out the little guy picked up a respitatory virus, which is no joke this year. 

I knew that various forms have been floating around Wilmington (and the entire country). The flu shot has been on backorder, but he has his bordadella shot and loves people, so of course, he's been socializing. 

The vet informed me, after doing an x-ray, that he has no obstructions in his chest, but that his breathing airway is really irritated and that his sinuses are probably inflamed, lending to the cough, snoring, and general unwell ineasiness he's been experiencing. After receiving some instructions and meds, we were on our way.

Chachi is now resting this Monday afternoon. He isn't allowed to play with his friends for a couple of weeks and needs to stay home, just like humans should when we are unwell. Living in an apartment complex will make this harder as a lot of the families in here are dog- friendly, but we will do our best!

This is your general PSA to trust your gut when it comes to your pet's (and your own human's) health. It's very easy to think that you are overreacting, that you don't want to spend the money for the vet (i mean, we are the same way about our human doctors too), but in the long run- its worth it. The vet informed me that several of these cases have turned into pneumonia so its really better to treat it earlier rather than later! Especially in older dogs and breeds that are prone to breathing difficulties already. 

This is also a note to remind you that your pet's shots can help them overcome these things easier. No vaccination means that your pet won't get sick, but it does help them get over their virus slightly faster and easier. Also, even if your pet isn't into doggy daycare, the dog park, or meeting up wtih friends for a walk- they can still get sick. Apparently the latest viruses are super contagious for our furry friends. Just do your due diliigence before dropping off your pet at daycare/ boarding by talking to your neighbors and checking out community pages. There's no way to know where Chachi got sick because he is all over the place and it would be easy to blame myself as the pet parent, but I can't 100% protect him! All I can do is try my best and hope the meds help him get better!

In the meantime, he takes a rightly deserved nap after a couple of nights hacking and coughing! 

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