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It's Fall, Y'all!

 It's officially Fall, and I could not be more excited, even if the weather doesn't feel like it yet. Fall is such a magical time of the year when the leaves start to change, the weather begins to cool down, and my allergies run wild! While I'm not too thrilled about the allergies, I am thrilled about all things Fall! 

One of my favorite things about Fall is all of the yummy treats. Caramel Apples, Pumpkin everything, Snickerdoodles, and all the Halloween candy! This Fall is even more special since we'll be at Universal and Disney! I can't wait to try a Butterbeer in the park, some churros, and whatever else the park lures me into eating, lol! I also love the cooler weather and getting to dress in my favorite sweaters and leggings. Although it's still 90-plus degrees outside, I'm hoping it'll get cooler sooner rather than later. And this year I'd love to head out to some local sunflower fields and have a picnic or get some family photos. 

And while those things are great reasons to love Fall, I'm looking forward to our trip to Disney and Universal, and then Halloween! I truly, truly love Halloween, it's one of my favorite holidays. The decorations, the candy, the costumes, it's just so much fun. I'm also having a blast looking for vintage Halloween decor to add to my ever-growing collection of kitsch. Plus, I think I'm secretly in a decoration war with my neighbor, so I can't wait to see who wins this year! 

I think Most of all, I love the feeling of Fall and the excitement that it brings. I've been waiting all year for it and I'm so glad it's here. 

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