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Discovering the Top Mini Golf Courses for Family Fun in Shoreditch


Shoreditch has a wide range of family-friendly activities. Mini golf is one of the most popular of these since it is a fun way to spend time with family and friends while competing in friendly competition. Shoreditch, known for its stylish ambience and dynamic culture, has a choice of mini golf courses that are guaranteed to give hours of entertainment for both children and adults. This article will take a detailed look at the top mini golf courses in Shoreditch, ensuring that your family can hole a hole-in-one on their next excursion.

  1. Mini Golf with a View

If you're looking for a fun and challenging mini golf course with a view, Roof East is the place for you! Located in Stratford, just a short drive from Shoreditch, this 9-hole course is perfect for a mix of sightseeing and family fun. You'll get to enjoy stunning views of the city skyline as you make your way around the course, which includes loops, jumps, and some pretty tough obstacles.

  1. Junkyard Golf Club

It’s no surprise that Junkyard Mini Golf is one of Shoreditch's most popular family mini golf facilities. This off-the-beaten-path mini-golf course is located inside the Truman Brewery in the heart of Shoreditch and boasts a variety of unique themes and challenges.There's everything to tickle your funny bone here, from UV lights to scrapyard-themed d├ęcor and numerous obstacles. Junkyard has three separate 9-hole mini-golf courses, so you may have three distinct experiences in one visit! Mixing the pleasure of mini-golf with a dash of wacky originality, makes it a favourite with both children and adults.

  1. DIY Fun

This DIY Crazy Golf in Shoreditch mini golf course is perfect for families who want to create an amazing experience. Located in Shoreditch’s Hoxton Square, this distinctive and colourful design of nine-hole course will add an aesthetic touch to your mini golf trip It comes with a mix of unique obstacles, loops, jumps and more, so each visit is a new and exciting adventure, while it is a terrific alternative for families with older children, with a distinct pub culture, providing a range of packages to suit all party sizes. If you’re looking for a unique mini-golf experience that combines art and sport, look no further. 

  1. Puttshack

Puttshack mini golf venue is the perfect place for a futuristic family getaway. It's got all the bells and whistles you need for a fun-filled mini-golf experience. You'll get to play interactive courses, watch leaderboards in real-time, and listen to music from a DJ booth. Plus, there's food and drinks to keep you full. It's perfect for kids and adults alike, and it's certain to make you laugh and have a great time. It's more than just a mini-golf course though - it's a technological paradise where fun and competition come together.

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