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What Are Some Great Careers For People That Love Helping Others?


Do you love helping other people? Finding a career where you help people every day could be incredibly rewarding if you are naturally altruistic. Below are just some of the best jobs for helping others. 


An obvious choice of career for people who love helping others is healthcare. Becoming a nurse or a doctor can be incredibly rewarding, because you are helping people overcome health problems every day. Of course, becoming a nurse or doctor is not easy due to the qualifications required, plus you will need to be willing to work long hours and deal with some difficult patients. 


Carers help people with disabilities and chronic health problems much like doctors and nurses, but instead of helping to treat them, they simply provide care. You do not need any kind of education to become a carer, which can make it a more accessible option. Of course, it does come with many of the same challenges as being a nurse or doctor. You can choose to work at a care home or provide at-home care. 


As a firefighter, you will be regularly helping people to get out of dangerous situations - which include house fires, crashed cars or even helping kids/animals down from high places. Consequently, it can be another incredibly rewarding career. You do not need any academic qualifications to become a firefighter, although you will have to complete vigorous training and meet certain fitness requirements.


Providing education for kids or adults could be another way to get paid to help people. This typically requires obtaining a degree and teaching qualification so that you can then work in a school or work as a private tutor. It’s no secret that teaching can be a tough job at times, but there are many bonuses such as the sense of fulfillment and many weeks of holiday. 


A job as a therapist could also be worth looking into. This involves helping people to overcome mental illnesses and involves various specialisms from addiction recovery to helping people overcome PTSD. You’ll need to undergo professional counseling training to become a therapist. 

Social worker

Social workers help to find support for those who need it. This includes helping disabled people living independently, the elderly, victims of abuse and families living in poverty. There are many branches of social work to choose from - some of which cross over into therapy behavioral health consulting. Consider this work if you enjoy helping people and working in an array of different environments. 

Charity fundraiser

Got a sales background? A job as a charity fundraiser could be a great way to use this sales experience for an altruistic cause, helping to build donations for a specific charity through events and other fundraising strategies. You’ll find various charities advertising vacancies for this role - choose a charity that supports a cause you are passionate about. 

Emergency call handler

If you are comfortable being on the phone for long periods, you could even consider a job as an emergency call handler. This involves handling emergency calls from people who are potentially in life threatening situations. This could include keeping them calm while emergency services arrive and potentially even guiding them as to what to do. It’s a high pressure job, but one that you can get a lot of fulfillment from. 


Interpreters help people by translating languages for them. It can be a very rewarding job that can take you to all kinds of exciting places. Of course, to become an interpreter, you need to be fluent in another language. Having a qualification in that language could help, but is not always necessary. 


Becoming a lawyer can also be a good choice of career for those that love helping people. Whether you provide legal advice or help defend people in court, you will be helping people every day. You will need to obtain a law degree to become a lawyer. Being comfortable with confrontation and being able to put forward a good argument is essential.

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