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Good Healthcare Career Options For Moms

There are few industries to work in that are as rewarding as the healthcare industry. Each day you get to make a huge difference in people’s lives for the better. Not only this but as a mother, you will already have many of the skills and mindset that this industry requires in order to succeed. There are many different areas of healthcare that you could get involved in with some obviously requiring many years of studying while some require no previous experience or qualifications. Here are just a few career options for you to consider.

Healthcare Assistant

If you want to play an important role in healthcare, but you do not have any experience of qualifications, then a healthcare assistant could be the job for you. Healthcare assistants support doctors and nurses by providing support and care to patients. This could include washing and dressing, serving food and generally making people as comfortable as possible.

Registered Nurse Anesthetist

A registered nurse anesthetist is a very important role and one with good predicted growth. You are not on your feet quite as much as a registered nurse which is good news for moms, but you still get the satisfaction of helping people on a daily basis. In order to pass the National Certifying exam, it is worth looking at the anesthesia board review course at places like Valley Anesthesia which will allow you to land work in this rewarding role.

Dental Hygienist

This is an in-demand and high-paying role, but also one which is often part-time and flexible, which makes it ideal for parents that need some flexibility with their schedule.

Medical Secretary

A medical secretary plays an important role in helping a facility to run smoothly and efficiently. You may not need to have previous experience, but some previous secretary or admin work is beneficial. This is also a good option for moms as often the work can be flexible.

Care Worker

With an aging population, there is a greater need for care workers which means that this can be a secure and in-demand job. This will involve helping patients in their homes and is usually for older people, but it can also be for people in various different situations. This is a great job for making a difference in people’s lives and making connections.


Mental health is a major problem all around the world, so the need for psychiatrists is on the rise. It can take a long time to qualify for this job, but it is one of the most rewarding, and important professions that there is. It can also work well for moms because it can be flexible, and you could even work from home.

The healthcare industry is a terrific one to work in, and these are just a few of the best roles to consider. While some roles will require many years of studying, there are also a few where you need no or little previous experience or qualifications so you should be able to find a role that suits you.

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