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How to Help Your Child Choose a College Major?


Parenting is a lifelong journey, and one of the crucial milestones for most parents is their child’s college education. It's your duty as a parent to guide your child's college major choice. So, how can you help without exerting too much influence? 

Focus On Their Interests

Your child’s interests should always come first. Explore their hobbies and skills to identify areas that overlap with academics. Consult your child and reveal what you've discovered. 

Let your child understand the importance of a promising career. However, ensure they choose an enjoyable degree. For instance, a child interested in literary studies might consider getting an online PHD in English once she finishes college. 

Discuss the Financial Prospects of the College Major

At this stage, you've chosen an intriguing collect major. However, your child’s chosen endeavor should be a well-paying one. Explain the importance of earning enough to live comfortably and stay out of debt. 

Don't shy away from researching well-paying career alternatives. Teach your child to strike a balance between self-interest and fair compensation. 

Explore Sit in Classes

Another solution to choosing a college major is sit-in classes. It's simple. Drive your child to a local college. Let them experience the classes first-hand.

Sit-in classes have a few pitfalls. First, the college campus may be far away from you. This distance makes it difficult to schedule lessons. Also, you will need permission from a professor to be in the class. 

Refer Your Child to a Friend in a Related Profession

Does your child have an idea of their future career? Help them decide by referring them to a friend in a related discipline. This professional will have the correct answers to your child’s questions. 

When Should Your Child Be Thinking About Their Major?

The timeline for choosing a major differs. Each school has its policy. However, most students don't declare their major until after a year or two in college. It's recommended that students narrow down their choice before their application. 

Deciding early on a major has many advantages. First, it allows you to focus on academic and extracurricular activities. This extra focus may be crucial in the early stages of college. 

Also, choosing your major early will simplify your college search. You'll only apply to schools with a solid history in your preferred major. Searching for schools by majors offered is fast and straightforward. 

Related Questions

How Can I Help My Child Choose a College Major?

Decide with in-depth exploration. Encourage your child to explore various subjects, interests, and potential career paths. Engage in open conversations about their strengths, passions, and long-term goals. Suggest the following to gain practical insights into different fields:

  • Internships

  • Workshops, and 

  • Informational interviews 

What Factors Should My Child Consider When Selecting a College Major?

Two significant factors should affect your choice. They are your child’s interest and academic prowess. Prioritize subjects that align with your child's genuine interests and talents. Consider their academic strengths, preferred learning styles, and natural abilities. Additionally, consider the potential job prospects, work-life balance, and personal fulfillment associated with the chosen major.

Should I Influence My Child’s College Major Decision?

Yes. Practice balanced guidance. While you can offer advice, avoiding imposing your preferences on your child is crucial. Help them weigh the pros and cons of each major, but ultimately let them decide based on their passions and aspirations. Remember, their academic journey should reflect their individuality and goals.


Choosing an academic major is a milestone. Parents play a vital role in this process. It's not uncommon to struggle when faced with this decision. If this happens, seek professional help quickly. There are many benefits to quickly deciding your child's major.

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