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Dress Yourself in Sweet Sophistication by Amy Matto #Review #SpringStyleGuide

One of my all time favorite things about the spring season, is that fun and flirty dresses come back into play. Don't get me wrong, I love fall and winter fashion, but there's just something freeing about slipping into a pretty little dress at the first sign of spring. When it comes to what I wear, I'm pretty picky. I want to be stylish, I need to be comfortable (because I am almost always chasing after my three-year-old son), and I also want to be dressed appropriately for my age. In your twenties, you can take many more fashion liberties than you *ought to* in your thirties and beyond. I pride myself on being elegantly refined, polished and poised, and am always trying to achieve a modest, classic look, without having to sacrifice quality.

Amy Matto

Interested in finding some spring and summer dress options that would work well for me, I did a little looking around. I was overjoyed to discover Amy Matto, is a fabulous designer, who believes that women deserve to deliberate in their fashion choices, while seeking understated elegance, and appreciating quality and craftsmanship. Amy resides in CT, with her husband and two sons, and creates stunningly beautiful dresses that flatter the form, and remain modest, with a twist of feminine sensuality mixed in. Amy Matto designs have many the celebrity fan, including Sharon Stone, Halle Berry, Bethany Frankel, and Cindy Crawford, all who are classy ladies, in my book.

I was very excited to have been offered the opportunity to try out a couple of Amy Matto selections of my choosing. I spent quite a bit of time pouring over the Amy Matto website, not knowing what to choose, because everything was just so incredibly gorgeous, and would have felt honored to have any one of them grace my closet. After I made my selections, my dresses were on their way to my home, and I felt like a child, waiting for a very special present to arrive.

Here's a little peek at my package sent by Amy Matto...

Proudly made in the USA, my selections were wrapped neatly in pretty blue tissue paper.

Each of my selections by Amy Matto, came on their own hangers, and were protected by plastic garment bags, like what you might receive at a department store or fine clothing store. I appreciated the careful packaging to ensure that my dresses arrived safe and sound, without any snags.

First Look: The Naomi Dress by Amy Matto

Details of the Naomi Dress

This feminine style is simply a must-have for any day-to-night look. Sleeveless fit-and-flare in a cotton eyelet fabric, features pockets at side seam. Invisible zipper at center back. Fully lined in white for a contrasting look. 

Made in New York City

Here I am, trying on the Naomi Dress for the first time...

I fell in love with the Naomi Dress as soon as I saw it. It's such a fun little twist on a little black dress. I really love the cut of the Naomi dress, because it flatters in all of the right places. It's fully lined in white, which provides a contrast against the black. The fact that the dress is lined actually says quite a lot about Amy Matto's commitment to quality. So few dresses are lined these days. A lot of times, I wind up having to wear tank dresses or bothersome full slips under my dresses. They are a pain to mess with, they never stay where they're supposed to stay, and I just wind up wanting to go home and change my clothes, because I don't want to have to deal with constantly adjusting my apparel anymore. Since this dress is fully lined, I can basically wear whatever types of undergarments I'd like, without having to worry about lines, or any of it showing through. Thank you, Amy, for lining your dresses, and making life easier for the ladies who proudly wear your gorgeous designs!

This dress features little side pockets, and an invisible zipper in the back.

The details of the Naomi Dress make it all the more fun to wear. The back zipper is pretty much invisible, so it blends in perfectly with the dress, and doesn't call attention to itself. There are little side pockets in this dress as well. I don't normally care for dress pockets, because they always make me look hippy, but that isn't the case with the Naomi Dress. The pockets are only visible to the person wearing the dress, otherwise, you wouldn't really even notice them.

Lovely eyelet design is so fun...

I also love the eyelet design, which is a big feature of this dress. The design really pops and stands out against the contrasting white lining of the dress. I received the dress in a size 4. I love the fit, though a little bit big on top, it fit pretty near perfect, everywhere else. The length hit right above my knees, there was no gaping, and the skirt of this dress was incredibly fun and flirty to wear.

Beautiful dress option for many occasions- it's one you'll want to wear again and again.

I had in mind that this would be a fantastic dress to wear for date night with my husband. We are making plans to either see a play, go to the symphony or the opera, etc., and I'd love to wear this dress. The Naomi Dress is sweet, simple, yet elegant and sophisticated. It's incredibly comfortable to wear all day, and carry into the evening, as well. 

Since I was so in love with this dress, I couldn't wait for a special date night to wear it. I wore it to church last Sunday, and if I do say so, myself, looked absolutely stunning. I paired the dress with black peep toe pumps, and classic pearls. I can't even begin to tell you how many compliments I received on my dress, from men and women, even young girls. I felt incredibly comfortable, confident and lovely in this dress, and can't wait to wear it again! My husband said it may be his favorite dress of all time, which is saying something!

My Second Selection by Amy Matto: The Anja Dress

Details of the Anja Dress

Take a fresh approach to day-to-evening style in this breezy digitally printed Paisley print dress. Fully lined. Slip on.
Made in New York City

Easy to slip into, the lovely Anja Dress

The Anja Dress was the second dress that really caught my eye from the Amy Matto collection. I loved the neckline on this dress, right away. I have always been a fan of halter necklines, and this, while not a true halter dress, is reminiscent of the classic look.

Play on prints... the designs printed on this dress are beautiful!

The colors and prints featured on the Anja Dress by Amy Matto are really what reeled me in when it came down to selection. I love wearing blue, and the this dress features different shades of light blue, all wrapped around each other in a beautiful way! As for the designs on the dress, just take a look at it! The paisley print swirls are just stunning! I love how the designs incorporate the true paisley pattern, along with brown, white, and touches of tiny little flowers. 

This is an almost effortless look to achieve, thanks to the beautiful Anja Dress!

The dress truly wears like a silky, comfortable slip. It flows so beautifully, and moves with you, making it comfortable to wear all day long. The Anja Dress is fully lined, so again, I don't have to worry about undergarment troubles. It's the perfect length for me, as well, hitting right about the knee. This is actually really important to me. You may not think about how children impact a woman's wardrobe selection, but they do! I have to be very selective, and make sure that my dress will still provide coverage when I lean over to get my son out of his car seat, and so on. I appreciate Amy Matto's designs allowing women to feel beautiful and sophisticated at an appropriate length.

The ultimate spring and summer dress for fashionistas...

I paired the Anja dress with white accessories and brown sandals, to play on the accent colors in the dress design. I could easily swap it around, wearing brown accessories with white sandals, or go all white or all brown. This dress is a lovely option for spring and summer occasions, including baby or bridal showers, an outdoor afternoon wedding, date night, etc. This would also be one of my top choices for a simple dress to take along on a trip. Trust me, you do not want to be caught without the appropriate attire, if your traveling companions decide they'd like to dine at a nice restaurant, catch a show, etc.

Amy Matto's designs are simply flattering and elegant! 
Take a look at some of these other selections I would love to have in my personal collection...

Valerie Dress

Front Twist Dress

Braydon Dress

Demeter Dress

Minka Dress Ombre Print

I truly appreciate the quality of fabrics used for these designs, as well as the beautiful craftsmanship in each and every dress. These dresses are well made, and if properly stored and cared for, will be with you for a very long time. I love that Amy Matto's designs are so versatile! They can take you from the office to cocktail hour after work, to a weekend dinner party with friends, or to a romantic dinner out on the veranda, followed with a sunset walk on the beach. Amy Matto has earned a top spot among my favorite designers!

Want It? Buy It!

Head on over to Amy Matto to browse all of Amy's gorgeous designs! You can shop by category, right from the Amy Matto website, or check to see where Amy Matto designs are sold in your area. Amy Matto is social, and would love to connect with you via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and Instagram. Be sure to keep an eye out for even more upcoming Amy Matto features on MBP!

Special thanks to the Amy Matto team for allowing me to experience the beauty of these gorgeous dresses, and share my personal experience with the MBP community! 

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  1. You are so nice and slim. I love your dresses that you were wearing. They are gorgeous! They really are a pretty color and style and looked slimming. I liked the first one the best!

  2. The top dress is my fave of all the dresses you've shown so far!

  3. The dresses look great on you! I checked out the website and I love the Lydia Dreses


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