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Delectable Dinner Options Are Plentiful at Asheville South's Tupelo Honey Southern Kitchen & Bar Restaurant!


Thanks to Tupelo Honey Southern Kitchen & Bar for hosting our visit to the South Asheville location. All thoughts are my own! 

One of the best things about road trips is finding local cuisine to fill your belly and soul. Asheville's food scene offers the best of all types, but the best places are those that combine hospitality, the Appalachian heritage, and made from scratch recipes to offer mouth-watering tasteful menu selections.

Tupelo Honey Southern Kitchen & Bar  needs to be on your list the next time you take a road trip to Asheville. Opening their original downtown Asheville location in 2000, this farm to table, scratch made recipe restaurant has expanded now to include Asheville South and many other variations across the southeast and beyond.

 If you are nearby a Tupelo Honey restaurant, I highly encourage you to visit!

My sister and I had the lovely chance to visit with the Tupelo Honey South Asheville location this trip. It's located in a strip mall on Hendersonville Rd. It's near Biltmore Village but not too far from Hendersonville and Arden. 

This location has plentiful parking, a beautiful outdoor seating area, and a fabulous interior! In fact, this location expanded in 2019 to give us the space it houses today! 

Why is Tupelo Honey at the top of my restaurant list? Well, its recipes are fabulous! Known for their chicken, they offer a myriad of items that highlight southern culture but also stick true to their original roots. 

Tupelo Honey itself is created from nectar that comes from Tupelo trees, typically found in southern Georgia and Florida wetlands. It's a sweet vibrant honey that pairs well with biscuits, which is a staple in southern culture, right?

Tupelo Honey's pride is sourcing local ingredients that are ethically and responsibility created. Most of their proteins are called "forever free" meaning that the animals were raised on a natural diet free of hormones and antibiotics. 

I like how they show a listing of their locally used sources on their website as well- from Hickory Nut Gap Farms to Adluh Flour, they are committed to working with small businesses that care about their products and are sustainable as much as possible. In fact, Adluh Flours. based in Columbia SC, is often a place I would pass regularly while in grad school! 

Cathead Biscuit with Blueberry Jam and Honey

So, of course, Tupelo Honey offers a southern staple: biscuits, but has created their own unique spin on this item. It arrives with a bottle of honey as well as a blueberry jam that is so fresh and vibrant. It is super easy to eat the entire ramekin full of this colorful spread! 

The restaurant has several claims to fame, but chicken is at the core of their menu list. They offer a honey dusted fried chicken that I've heard all who imbibe absolutely LOVE. They also have been known for their fried green tomatoes, grits, and other southern specialty items like sweet potato pancakes. 

Blueberry Jam and Honey makes the biscuit amazing! 

Tupelo Honey Kitchen & Bar is open for brunch, lunch, and dinner. We were hosted for a Tuesday evening dinner after perusing Biltmore all day long. My stomach was definitely ready for some great comfort food, and it was not disappointed!

We started our visit off by sampling the biscuits and honey. Combined with the blueberry jam, this combination was a delightfully sweet and fluffy appetizer! The biscuits were huge! Known as cat head biscuits for a reason, these biscuits are definitely as big as a cat's head! The proceeds for their biscuits go towards a relief fund that helps out Tupelo Honey employees in need. I'm thankful that this restaurant cares about its employees like this! 

Fried Green Tomatoes on Goat Cheese Grits with a Red Pepper Sauce

We then moved on to the Fried Green Tomatoes. I've recently started to learn how to make fried green tomatoes at home, but am in love with several varieties I've found in restaurants. This particular appetizer comes with several slices perfectly fried on top of a plate of creamy grits made with goat cheese. A delectable red pepper sauce nicely accompanies the menu selection. 

My sister hasn't had fried green tomatoes before, so she was intrigued at this concept! I have to admit- I'm not a typical fan of regular grits. Something about the texture just doesn't sit well with me. 

Yet, these grits. Oh, my. There is a reason that goat cheese is in them! It makes them rich, creamy, and the perfect addition to go with the fried green tomato slice that I devoured! 

Onwards to our entrées. Seriously, it was hard to pick just one! I wanted the staple: chicken. Yet, I also wanted the meatloaf. Or a sandwich. Or just about anything on the menu list! 

Bourbon Glazed Meatloaf with Parmesan Rosemary Potatoes and Crispy Brussell Sprouts 

Ultimately I decided upon the bourbon peppercorn meatloaf. Okay, my mouth is watering again just thinking about this dish. A nice hearty portion of meatloaf arrives with your choice of two sides. 

I selected the Parmesan rosemary potato cracklins and the salty crispy Brussels sprouts. Now, normally I'm not a fan of Brussels sprouts, but I've been told before that these are a must-try, so I listened to my friend. That person was NOT wrong. 

This meatloaf was created from a scratch blend of beef and chorizo. While the size may look small, it is certainly packed with flavor and is plentiful for a serving! The bourbon glaze was excellent and was almost like a gravy! 

Dinner Entree Decisions- Meatloaf! 

The potato cracklins are an interesting take on southern potatoes. Instead of a baked potato, normal french fries, etc; the restaurant developed their own version of "home fries". These are potatoes that are baked first, then fried to give a crispy texture. I honestly didn't taste the Parmesan or rosemary so much, but I'm not sure if that actually mattered because I wanted to eat them all, even after my stomach told me to stop!

Now, the Brussels Sprouts were interesting and unique. Not a vegetable I grew up with, not normally found in my own kitchen, I'm often fascinated with the ways that chefs figure out how to make these flavorful so that the customer wants to get them. Crispy is certainly one way! The amount of spice to heat ratio was perfectly. Still not my favorite vegetable, but I'd certainly get them again from Tupelo Honey!

My sister's entrée was the Asheville Hot Chicken with Mac n Cheese waffles. It arrived with ranch and house made pickles too. She said that the "Hot" Chicken part, while spicy, was not too hot. Trust me, she wouldn't have eaten it otherwise! She was in LOVE with the waffle concept. Not ever having heard how mac n cheese could be turned into a waffle, she was immediately thrilled to consume that wonderful creation! She couldn't finish her meal either as it was so much food!

Mini Banana Puddng 

Honestly, by the end of my entrée I was filled, but she wanted to try out dessert, so we opted for a mini banana pudding to satisfy our sweet tooth cravings. The mini size is small but was perfect for us to share! Normally, I avoid banana puddings because I have a food intolerance to most uncooked bananas, but I did want to try it. This banana pudding was on point. It was full of a great vanilla pudding, bananas, and whipped cream. 

Tupelo Honey has a great menu of handcrafted cocktails and specialty non alcohol drinks that are worthy of consuming for the adventurous palate. My sister tried out a Mimosa with her meal and said it tasted great!

Blue Ridge Mimosa

There is a lot on their menu to try and I will definitely be heading back the next time I'm in the area!

Madder than a Wet Hen Drinkware for teas and sodas! 

Tupelo Honey is entirely family and kid friendly too! A separate kids menu offers a great selection of brunch and regular lunch/ dinner items that most children should be able to enjoy. I also noted that the kids drinks are brought out in to-go cups to prevent spillage. 

Indoor Dining

As my sister glanced over at the family with young children, she remarked that it was smart because there was ALWAYS a spill at the dinner table when her kiddos didn't have cups with lids! It saves a lot of time, energy, and prevents crying and frustration! 

Outdoor Patio

The Tupelo Honey South Asheville location boosts a plentiful patio as well as an indoor space, but if you are planning to head over at prime brunch or dinner time, especially on a weekend, I recommend making reservations. We had reservations for a Tuesday evening, which really weren't needed, but I know it's slammed on the weekends. I like this location because it offers free parking as well, versus having to find parking downtown for the flagship restaurant! 

The Tupelo Honey Southern Kitchen & Bar is not a fancy quiet atmosphere, but it's not entirely a bar scene either. It would be okay for your kids to be kids, for you to gather as a family (in fact, there was a large family party gathered and accommodated), or a place to visit with several friends. I did see a few people sitting over at the bar for a drink and a sports game was available on the bar TV as well. 

Indoor Bar area at Asheville South Location

Be sure to check out if there is a Tupelo Honey location near you, as this restaurant has developed into a chain and has franchised across the country. In fact, I was intrigued to know that there is one only about an hour from me now (which I did not know before visiting the website!).  Yet, I absolutely loved the South Asheville restaurant! 

I highly recommend that you add Tupelo Honey Southern Kitchen & Bar to your road trip list for your next Asheville Adventure. While I recommend the South Asheville location, particularly if you can enjoy the nice quiet patio outdoors, the downtown Asheville location offers the same menu with a slightly different atmosphere!

Want it? Eat it!

Visit the South Asheville Tupelo Honey Location at 1829 Hendersonville Rd, Asheville NC. 

Reserve a Table with online reservations for your party. 

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