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Back to School With SodaPup: Great Treats & Enrichment Toys for our Dogs!

Thanks SodaPup for sending over this great bundle in exchange for a review. All thoughts are my own. 

Back to School is exciting for the entire family, but not so much for the four legged pups in our lives. Most likely their summer has been filled with backyard play dates, cuddling during afternoon thunderstorms, and the family generally being home more, with some adventures on the side. When the humans head back to school and back to regular office hours, our furry members of the family might need some extra love and support to keep them entertained all day long. 

SodaPup has just the toy for you if this sounds like your four-legged family member! My own dog really prefers when I'm home as opposed to not. I'm pretty sure he sleeps all day, just like when I'm home, but he loves play time, loves his walks, and loves attention. 

Excited to explore the Dogtastic Box contents!

SodaPup has just the things he needs when I get stuck away on long days! We decided to try out the Coffee Shop Bundle. A Coffee Cup Treat Dispenser, a Lick Mat, a Nylon Chew Toy, and two fantastic bags of dog treats make up this bundle. 

First up, the lick mat. Lick mats are designed for dogs to slow down when consuming their spreadable treats or meals. Let's face it- most dogs are like vacuums and race cars. They hoover their meals down in less time than a Nascar Pit Crew changing a flat tire. The lick mat helps dogs to slow down by forcing them to find their tasty treat in various nooks and crevices. It aids with digestion and also gives the pup a challenge instead of just gobbling treats down whole.

Peanut Butter Smiles! 

Chachi absolutely LOVES his lick mat. He won't work on it all in one setting. He will start with his tasty treat, go take a nap, and come back to it. I've also come home to home trying to get the last remnants out of it too.  He loves to push it across the floor too. One day, it became stuck halfway under the couch!

The lick mat is silicone based and is super easy to clean with a brush. I found that while it's dishwasher safe, it didn't get the consumables out of all the cracks. I think this is a positive treat idea for when I'm gone and he needs some encouragement and love. SodaPup has different lick mat styles and seasonal designs, including trays and coins if you are looking for various ways to help your pup slow down their eating habits and be engaged at the same time!

He could smell the treat but didn't want to bother with the work to get it!

Next up, the Coffee cup treat dispenser. Designed for dogs that are incredibly hard on their chew toys, this is made with durable natural rubber. Treats are placed in the center component, allowing the dog to play and forage. The package said to use with the provided treats, but I found that while the Dogtastic Treats are great, they were too crumbly for this toy. 

There are several kinds of treat dispensers. These can also be used as a training tool to teach your dog to slow down at dinner time. I know one of my friends uses a treat dispenser like this one with kibble, so that her dog has to actively work and use mindful practices instead of gobbling down a bowl at once! Chachi would look at me like I'm crazy if I tried that, but if you have a power house dog, this might be what you need! 

Also, Chachi really didn't like it. He turned it over, sniffed it, and gave me a "Seriously Mom, what do you want me to do with that" look. Obviously he's not into foraging for his treats and would rather be handed them straight up. I also don't think he is rough on his toys like dogs that this toy is meant for. I know my sister's black lab would absolutely LOVE this toy so I'll probably pass it over. If your dog is into chew toys and loves treat dispensers, then this one is definitely for you. I was thinking it would be fun for him when I'm at work, but to no avail, he won't go near it that often.

Yes, I love Cherry Pie. Oh wait, its peanut butter? Yum!

The Nylon Chew Toy is pie-shaped, complete with crevices for treats. Chachi actually liked this toy! He even chewed on it some. As he's older, he has more teeth issues, but he loved trying to get the treats out of the pie crust crevices too! 

The chew toy is meant to engage dogs to prevent chewing disasters, to help them with separate anxiety, and to even help keep teeth clean! There are many different designs, some with and without treat holders, so be sure to check them all out! 

Dogtastic Peanut Butter Chewies make for an excellent treat!

Dogtastic Treats are a fantastic way to treat your dog to something great! These are healthy snacks mad with vitamins and vegetables. We received the Pumpkin and Peanut Butter flavors. It's obvious that Chachi loves peanut butter but I've discovered he's not a big fan of pumpkin. He eats these treats though! They are soft and moist, which is great for those dogs that have teeth difficulties. Remember, dog treats are NOT meal replacements and be careful about how many you serve too! 

"Umm, can't you just give me the treats instead", he thinks, as I check out how the Coffee Cup works. He was not amused. 

Overall, SodaPup has the enrichment toys your dog needs this school year. From treat dispenser to regular toys, with treats included, there is something to alleviate anxieties your pup may have when the house is completely quiet! Also, there are great tools for helping to train a new pup in your life too! Be sure to check out SodaPup this back to school season!

Want it? Get it!

Get the Coffee Shop Bundle from SodaPup or explore to find a toy meant for your own pup!

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Does your dog like or need enrichment toys?

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