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The Boy With The Faster Brain - A Book Review

Thank you to Peter Shankman for sharing your awesome book with us! 

Are you a glass half full or a glass half empty person? I have always been a "glad I have a glass" type person. I guess you'd call that a realist? But definitely a hopeful realist - I think I see the potential in the glass to be full. One of my life lessons as a Mom has been seeing my children as they are - with strengths and weaknesses and knowing that all the ups and downs are ok. Each child will have their own journey in this life and they will be superstars in some areas and struggle in others. 

I think Peter Shankman's parents were definitely "glass half full" type people. In his book "The Boy with the Faster Brain", Peter autobiographically shares how as a child he often "got in trouble" at school for his impulsive and energetic behavior and how instead of reacting negatively, his parents explained to him that his brain just works differently - it's faster than others. Peter's brain is affected by what most know as ADHD - Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. However, I would be sure that Peter doesn't think of his condition as a disorder. 

In this book, Peter shares that his brain processes things faster than others and so it has a tendency to get bored faster and look for other things to do. It would seem like he wasn't on task at school but really he had just moved on to a different task because the pace of the class was slower than he needed to be able to focus. His parents took him to a therapist who helped him learn how to self regulate. They explained that a faster brain was like a fast car - you have to learn how to drive a fast car or you'll wreck! So Peter had to learn some techniques to function in the school setting without causing problems for himself. 

I have ADHD and two of my children have been diagnosed with ADHD. I appreciated the perspective of this book because I tend to look at the way my mind works as "neurodivergent" rather than "disordered". I also like to view my children's "struggles" with school as them needing different inputs and strategies for learning - not that there is something wrong with them. I think that everyone needs to find the tools that they need to be successful and that might not look the same for every child or person. 

In a society with so many different people and different brains, I think it is important to honor different learning styles and embrace the possibility of what these neurodiverse minds might accomplish in this world for the betterment of all! I encourage you to check out Peter Shankman's book "The Boy with the Faster Brain" and consider the possibility of looking at each person with a "glass half full" perspective!

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