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Plant Nerds Unite!

 Hello, my name is Jessie and I have a plant addiction- but I know I'm not alone! I've seen the memes... there are a lot of us out there. I just wanted to share a few of my favorite potted friends with you - because I can - AND! I want to see your favorite plants too! Can you share some pictures? Either on our Facebook page or in the comments - I will be so happy!

First, my oldest plant friend is my Angel Wing Begonia. I've had Angel for about 10 years! She is the most prolific of all my plant babies - you can just take a piece of stem with a leaf and put it in a glass of water and it grows new roots! I love sharing this plant with my friends because I always seem to have a new plant rooting in my kitchen! 

Another very big producer of spawns is my Spider Plant. Spidey is so good at making baby plants that I often give them away at Halloween to trick or treaters (with candy of course), because, duh, "spider" = halloween... anyway, it's cute, I know. Seriously though, it has like 50 baby plants hanging off of it in the fall usually. 

Next, a really pretty succulent that keeps making new offshoots is this Crystal Pink Sedum plant. It is just getting ready to bloom for the summer and all the little buds will open with tiny pink flowers. The succulent leaves are really pretty by themselves but the colorful pink blooms are just a cherry on top! 

My last plant "share" are my strange little air plants that live in my kitchen window. I love them and now my husband has admitted that he has feelings for them also. He is more reliable at giving them their water soaking every other day than I am! They are really neat little plants that I got for Christmas a few years ago - they are slow growing and they don't get planted in dirt - they just like to hang out on a air plant stand in a window and take a dip in a water bath to soak for a few minutes every other day or so. 

I can't wait to see your favorite plants! Share in the comments or on Facebook! See you next time!

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