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Keep Their School Lunches Cool with Pack-It Freezable Lunch Boxes


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It's time to head back to school! Where did summer break go? It always seems to fly by, and before I know it, it's time to start buying school supplies, clothes and shoes, and maybe even a Christmas present or two while I'm at it. Can you blame me? The days just disappear so quickly anymore. I like to stay ahead of the game, and I have a feeling that you might, too. That's why I'm sharing some awesome must-have products for back-to-school. Let's check them out!

Every kiddo who physically goes to school needs a lunch box. Yes, even the pre-k kiddos who go for half a day usually need a lunch box for their snacks, lunch bunch, or field trips. My kids always ask for character lunch boxes, which are usually poorly made, and look awful by the time Halloween rolls around. Not knowing where their lunch boxes will wind up (squashed in a backpack, tossed on the car floor), I need to know that my child's lunch box is going to be durable enough to last the entire school year. I also need lunch boxes that are roomy, because heaven forbid my picky kids have to eat a sandwich. Room for Tupperware-type containers are a plus, along with anything that will keep their lunches cold.

PackIT Freezable Playtime Lunch box, Popsicle

This year, Beanie has a cool new lunch box from PackIT, and we are here for it! It has such a sweet design, and has some amazing features, which we love!

The Freezable Playtime Lunch Box is PackIt's newest horizontal lunch box with PackIt's patented EcoFreeze® technology: freezable gel built into the walls of the lunch box. The smart design eliminates the need for separate ice packs or gel packs. It's freezable, it's reusable, and it actually cools.

Never again will I have to toss string cheese that's wobbly at the end of the school day if it doesn't get eaten at lunch. The way grocery prices keep going up, we can't afford to keep throwing food away. PackIt's smart design is helping us save money and reduce food waste, too!

We give Pack-It an A+ for this lunch box's design and performance. Beanie can't wait to bring this sweet lunch box to the lunch table at school this year.

Want it? Get it!

Head on over to Pack-It to browse all of their awesome lunch box options. Don't forget to look at their coordinating containers. Connect with Pack-It on Facebook and Insta.

Look for Pack-It in our 2023 Back to School Guide!

Did you have a favorite lunch box as a kid? 

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