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I am Comfortably Numb

It has been two months since my dad died, and I am still reeling from the loss. 

I go about the mundane with the sense of loss that bombards me with memories from songs, voices that sound like his, phrases people say, etc. But...life goes on and I am supposed to move with it so I push past the grief and, as a result, have become comfortably numb. Which is not a good thing in the long run, but is how I am coping.

I am so thankful for my faith and my closest people. They are what keep me steady. I will wait upon the Lord for relief from the numbness and on the promise in Psalm 30:5 that joy comes in the morning.

...weeping may stay for the night,
    but rejoicing comes in the morning.

Hold the ones you love close and never miss a chance to tell them, "I love you" because you do not know when it will be the last time.



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