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Visit These Top Cities in Ohio for a Memorable Vacation


Every state in the US has something unique to offer, even if some states might be a little bit more impressive to visitors than others. If you're thinking about visiting somewhere new and you're not sure where to go next, you definitely shouldn't leave Ohio off your list of possibilities. There are some great cities in Ohio that will keep you entertained during your visit, whether you're traveling with your family, taking a girls' trip with some friends, or even going on your own. Each city has something interesting about it that's sure to help you have a memorable time there, so here are some of the top picks.


As the capital of Ohio, Columbus is definitely a city that you don't want to miss. This interesting city is home to the main campus for the University of Ohio State, which makes it part college town. However, it's also a cosmopolitan city that has plenty to offer the more mature traveler, as well as families. So what should you do there? Some of the top attractions include Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanic Gardens, Ohio Stadium, and North Market Farmers Market. Families will also love the Legoland Discovery Center.

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You'll find Cleveland on the banks of Lake Erie in the north of the state. This city is well-known for being home to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, as well as the Cleveland Museum of Art. It's also a great place for a longer stay, with plenty of stuff to do in the city and around Lake Erie. Book yourself into ROOST Cleveland Extended Stay Hotel or somewhere similar for a comfortable stay that doesn't have to end anytime soon. The city is in the perfect position for exploring the surrounding Lake Erie towns and activities, giving you a central base.


If your family likes to seek out new food experiences, Cincinnati is the Ohio city that you want to visit. Starting with some iconic local favorites is a great way to try some of the city's best food. Begin with Cincinnati's version of chili, which is served with spaghetti and cheddar cheese, then head to Graeter's Ice Cream for dessert. Outside of food, Cincinnati is a good place for sports fans as it's home to the MLB team Cincinnati Reds and the NFL team Cincinnati Bengals. If you prefer art and history, try the American Sign Museum or the Cincinnati Art Museum.

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Not every city in Ohio starts with a C. Dayton is another great place to visit and is especially notable for its historic look. Known as the birthplace of aviation, it's where the Wright brothers developed the first operational plane in 1903. You'll find several museums dedicated to this in the city. There's a fantastic arts and culture scene in Dayton too, giving you plenty of modern attractions and events to explore when you're tired of planes.

Visit one of these cities for a taste of what Ohio has to offer all types of travelers.

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