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LEGOLAND Florida- the Ultimate Experience for LEGO Lovers: Part I

Thank you to LEGOLAND Florida for providing me with complimentary park tickets in exchange for sharing my honest thoughts.

This summer, our family was blessed to be able to go to Orlando and enjoy a fabulous week of fun in the sun! While we were there, we wanted to experience all of the things on our Orlando Bucket List. It's impossible, as we found it, to do everything you want to do in Orlando in just a few days or a week. We narrowed our day trips down to the 'must visit' attractions, and guess which one was in the top two? You got it- LEGOLAND!
It came as no surprise when B chose LEGOLAND as one of his top destinations this summer after we presented him with a handful of options. He is, after all, a huge LEGO fan!

I loved my LEGOs when I was a kid, and my husband had his own awesome LEGO collection. Now that we're parents, it's incredibly fun for us to see our own son develop a love for LEGOs, and to watch his creativity shine as he explores different builds. For a kid (or even an adult) who loves everything LEGO- from bricks to shows and t-shirts, LEGOLAND Florida is a world where they can see their favorite characters come to life.

Ready to explore a world of fun at LEGOLAND Florida!

LEGOLAND® Florida Resort is built for kids. The 150-acre interactive theme park offers more than 50 rides, shows and attractions, restaurants, shopping, a breathtaking botanical garden and the LEGOLAND Water Park all geared to families with children ages 2 to 12. The LEGOLAND Hotel is located just steps from the park entrance and features 152 rooms. 

Located in Winter Haven - just 45 minutes from Orlando and Tampa. It took us about 40 minutes to travel to Winter Haven from where or condo was, outside of Orlando. It was a quick trip with very few stoplights. Parking was less than $20.00 for the day at LEGOLAND Florida, and was super efficient. We purchased our ticket, parked, and were on our way into the park in just minutes.

As we entered the park, we immediately noticed the restaurant, coffee shop, and the LEGO store, of course.

LEGOLAND is very accommodating of families. As soon as we entered the park after going through the security line and having our tickets taken, we were handed a park map, and then we hit the restrooms. Near the restrooms were lockers and strollers that could be rented for the day for reasonable rates. We brought our umbrella stroller into the park for Baby S to lounge in, and were also allowed to bring in our own water and snacks. This saved us a lot of money in the long run.

One of the very first rides we laid eyes on- the two story LEGO carousel!

The Fun Town Theatre shows various LEGO shows through out the day!

There were so many rides, attractions, and shops at LEGOLAND Florida. Someone told me prior to our visit that LEGOLAND was really easy to do in just one day. It's doable, but we would have loved a second day at the park, just to experience even more rides and shows! Near the fabulous carousel were lots of places to eat and shop, and a couple of other fun rides. As we made our way toward the rest of the park, we walked through MINILAND, which houses an incredible land of LEGO builds of all kinds- cityscapes, and more!

Check out some of the cool pictures we took while walking through MINILAND...

My guys, checking out some of the cool MINILAND displays.

 Recognize this?

 We loved looking at the replica of Washington, DC- our old stomping ground.

 The NYC display stole my heart! Just look at Lady Liberty in all of her LEGO glory!

I wish that we could have spent more time just enjoying MINILAND. The buildings, structures, and scenes that were created out of LEGO bricks was incredible. Walking around with two kids who were anxious to keep moving, I'm sure that I missed a few things. Hubby and I thought that the scenes of San Francisco and Chicago were really cool, and B loved the sunken pirate ship!

And for the Star Wars lovers...

 My hubby could have watched the LEGO Millenium Falcon go up and down all day (yes- it really moved up and down).

It was really neat to see so many Star Wars scenes built out of LEGOs. The Millenium Falcon was a huge draw, bringing lots of crowds to the beloved ship. I quite enjoyed the LEGO Cantina Band playing my favorite Star Wars music!

Two LEGO Star Wars super fans and LEGO Darth Vader.

B's favorite Star Wars character- Darth Maul.

After walking through MINILAND, we came upon some fun rides. The first ride we went on was the LEGO Safari ride, which was a slow moving ride through a LEGO jungle, getting you super up close to LEGO animals. It was extremely hot outside, and we were so thankful for all of the shade that LEGOLAND provided. There were lots of shaded spots available to stop and take breaks at. B and Sacha went on the awesome Coastersaurus, one of B's first real roller coaster rides. He thought it was so awesome!


Though there were many awesome things to see and do at LEGOLAND Florida, B had an agenda, and to visit Ninjago World was about the only thing on it! B is a huge fan of LEGO Ninjago. He was Zane for Halloween a couple of years ago, and loves all things ninja. He couldn't wait to check out LEGO Ninjago World, which just opened at LEGOLAND Florida in 2017. This all NINJAGO area of the park featured LEGO Ninjago characters, training areas, and the very cool LEGO NINJAGO- the Ride!

LEGO NINJAGO World was filled with a lot of things to see and do. It included activity areas, where little ninjas in training could test their spinjitzu skills, race across Jay's climbing wall, pose with all of the ninja, take a walk through the Ninjago World shop, and experience the LEGO Ninjago ride. The ride was a cool 3-D experience where you sit in seats that move along a path. Using your hands, you use your ninja powers to help the ninja defeat enemies on screen. Rack up points and beat others' top scores. This was an indoor ride, and the air conditioned environment was amazing! We rode this ride twice so hubby and I could both experience it.

B, with his favorite LEGO NINJAGO character- Jay, the Ninja of Lightning.

Another favorite Ninja- Cole, Ninja of Earth

Sensei Wu


Lloyd- the Green Ninja

Kai- Ninja of Fire

B, practicing his Spinjitzu. Ninjago!

The LEGO NINJAGO Ride was so cool that we had to ride it twice!

We spent to much time in NINJAGO World that it was already time for lunch by the time we walked out of there! We had an amazing morning at LEGOLAND Florida, and there was much more to see, do, and enjoy after our lunch break! Check back tomorrow for Part II of our LEGOLAND Florida feature to see what other fun we discovered during our visit!

Ready to plan your own visit to LEGOLAND Florida?

LEGOLAND Florida is also tied to LEGOLAND Florida Resort- an on site resort that offers guests an all-LEGO experience! Book your stay at the LEGOLAND Hotel or book a LEGOLAND Florida Room & Ticket Package. You don't have to be a guest of the LEGOLAND Resort to enjoy LEGOLAND Florida Parks. Choose park tickets for the LEGOLAND Florida Park &/or LEGOLAND Florida WaterPark! Click here to buy LEGOLAND Florida Tickets.

Explore before you go!

LEGOLAND Florida opens at 10 am, and the park closes at 7 pm. Explore the LEGOLAND Florida website to plan your day at LEGOLAND. Check out all of the LEGOLAND Florida rides, shops, places to eat, cool LEGO experiences, and more! Check out the LEGOLAND Family Guide for helpful information.

Minifigure Trading at LEGOLAND

Don't forget to bring your minifigures! You can trade minifigures with designated LEGOLAND staff in the LEGOLAND Florida park through out the day. Bring completed minifigures that you wish to trade, and go home with new to you mini figures! If you forget to bring your minifigures, you can purchase minifigures at the park, and then trade them for others.

Connect with LEGOLAND Florida 

LEGOLAND Florida is a world of fun and adventure. Check back tomorrow for more on our first LEGOLAND Florida experience! Look for LEGOLAND Florida in our Summer Travel Guide!

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