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Happy Father's Day


Happy Father's Day! Today, we celebrate the dads in our lives... the ones who are here and show up to support us in ways we don't even know we need. The ones who have been with us since before our first breath and have walked alongside us every step along our journey through life. We celebrate the dads we have loved and love still, even though they have left this world to live eternally with our Father in heaven. We celebrate the guys who are father-like to so many who wake up every day and say 'he's like a dad to me.' We hold space for those who long for reconciliation with their fathers.

We know that this day may be filled with celebration, laughter, hurting, and tears for so many. 

Dads, we honor you today, and thank you for stepping up, showing up, guiding, encouraging, and loving. 

Here's to you! Happy Father's Day!

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