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Five Authors I'm Reading This Summer

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For me, summer always brings memories of reading! Whether we were with our dad on the job (ie- lawn service routes), in the car, or at the dirt racetrack; my sister and I often had a book in hand. Fast-forward thirty some years later and I still often have a book nearby. Usually it's in the format of Kindle or an e-publication rather than a paperback novel. I love to read at the pool, on the beach, on my patio, and generally anywhere there is a nice view with a rocking chair (even at summer camp, with the shouts of children and teens in the background). 

This summer, these authors continue to be at the top of my list. They are generally southern romance/ chick flick type of novels. 

1) Victoria Benton Frank: Victoria is the daughter of Dorothea Benton Frank, a low-country fiction reader that passed away a couple of years ago.  Her debut book, My Magnolia Summer, recently published, and it's already in my "holds" section of my library app! 

2) Emily Henry: This author recently made waves with her latest book, Happy Place. Placing her on the New York Times bestsellers list as #1 this past May, Emily's rom-com books give us all that we dare our summers to be. I recently read her 2022 bestseller, Book Lovers, and was entirely wrapped up in the story that I HAD to finish it the same day. Honestly, that doesn't happen much in my life! Can't wait until my hold comes through for her latest!

3) Kristy Woodson Harvey: This North Carolina native often writes about southern fiction in a way that I haven't seen in other authors. She ties together reconciliation & healing, hope, romance, family, and finding one's self in a way that I truly enjoy reading about. Her next novel, The Summer of Songbirds, comes out in July. I am currently debating on going to a meet-n-greet at a nearby bookstore to see her in person! I don't normally geek out over authors, but she is one that  I love following on social media! She shares her life, shares her passion for others in the writing industry, and even gives us cool inspiration ideas for fashion & home decor. 

4) Karen White: I've been following her novels since the mid-2000's. Karen's first standalone publication came out in 2005. Her writings intertwine southern culture, faith, and family in ways I've loved. I think I first came to know her writings when I spent time in South Carolina and would often look for books at the library. She may have even shown up to a Friends of the Library luncheon! She offers standalone publications, series, and even collaborative novels. I'm excited to read a spin-off of her Charleston based series that will send us to Louisiana with a new bunch of spirits in tow!

5) Elin Hildebrand: Traveling up to Nantucket, Elin Hildebrand's novels often take on life shaped during the summer; including family relationships, reconciliation, and sometimes a bit of mystery. Her latest book comes out this week!

There are many more authors I'm planning on checking out that I haven't read before: including Jenny Jackson, Lucy Foley, Lisa See, Kristin Harmel, and Fiona Davis. I subscribe to the Friends and Fiction emails along with some other publication emails, so I often see what's upcoming and find new authors easily that way. I do have a tendency to stick with rom-coms, chick lit, romance, and historical fiction. I have to take historical fiction slow though as sometimes it is heavy, and I need light reading following!

Do you read in the summer? 

If so, share your favorite authors with us below or in the comments!

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