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Let Summer Break Begin


Parents, I don't know about you, but for me, this past school year has felt both long and short. Every school year winds up feeling that way. The school year begins and before we know it, it's Christmas. Heading back to school after Christmas break is always tough, and then surviving the long gray winter months is also a challenge. Once spring break arrives, you know you're in the home stretch, and what a busy stretch it is! There's testing, field day, award days, programs, picnics, conferences, yearbooks to buy, graduations to celebrate, and then boom- done until mid-August, and not a moment too soon.

Sweet summertime, you are so close we can taste you! In just a few more weeks, we'll be traveling, staying up late, catching fireflies in the backyard, and going for long walks after dinner. The beach will be calling our names, and I'm sure the mountains will be, too! We'll make lots of plans to work on projects in our house, and then ditch them for impromptu days by the pool. We'll sleep in, laugh a lot, make s'mores over the firepit, and dream up even more fun things to do before school starts back up again.

We'll be tied back to our schedules and routines soon enough, but for now- we will embrace and enjoy every single bit of summer break!

What are your plans during summer break this year?

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