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Soothe Your Soul & Body With Magic Hour Teas

Many thanks to Magic Hour for sending over the Black Tea Sampler box in exchange for a review! This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase, we will be compensated. All thoughts are my own. 

Botanical Leaves and Herbs have been made into teas for years. Our favorite TV shows like Downton Abbey, Outlander, and Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman often depict tea as a means for healing, hospitality, and health. 

This spring, look no further than Magic Hour for your ceremonial teas. Ceremonial tea is simply taking time out of the day to connect to our bodies, our minds, and our spirits along with loved ones in our community. Magic Hour offers teas that can guide our hearts through our day, from the morning until the evening. Simply stopping the chaos and taking time to reconnect with a cup of hot tea is absolutely magical. It also doesn't have to be an extravagant experience, like Downtown Abbey tea time, but can be simple: you, your hot water, and your favorite tea. 

Magic Hour offers several types of tea: Black, Oolong & Green, White, and Herbal. Each of these teas is designated for a specific part of the day, although you certainly don't have to drink them only at that time! Black teas are great for mornings, Oolong & Green are great for afternoons, sip lovely white teas in the evening, and indulge in herbal teas before bedtime. Magic Hour teas are created to help boost indigestion, improve and stabilize moods, increase focus, help heal the body, and improve sleep. 

Taking the Magic Hour Tea Quiz will help you discover what your body and soul needs if you already don't know what types of teas you prefer. I absolutely love black teas and herbal teas. I highly dislike green and white teas, so I always gravitate towards any type of black tea. 

All tea types come from the same type of plant, but tea leaves used to create black tea are oxidized more than green tea leaves. This means that the tea created is left with a bold, rich, and stronger flavor. Each of the Magic Hour black teas use a base that naturally helps increase energy, promote heart health, cleanses toxins, and can aid in weight loss. 

Magic Hour sent me the Black Magic Sampler Box to try out. This box is full of black teas that aim to help our bodies from our digestive systems outward. This box contains the following teas:

Bohemian Breakfast: This best-selling tea contains puerh, pomegranate, and black currants. Puerh is a double fermented black tea that helps the intentional tract balance. It is the most used tea for losing weight compared to Oolong. After a 5-year process, this Yunan tea leave develops a wine like taste. Pomegranate extract helps to reduce stress and black currants provide much needed fiber. I love breakfast teas- and while I won't give up my morning coffee, I often switch to black tea if my stomach is upset, my GERD is acting up, or I just need a reset. This particular black tea has definitely helped me out of digestive whoas. I don't taste the currants or pomegranates that much, but I do catch the fruity notes on occasion. 

Coconut Chai: Sri Lankan Black Tea, coconut, spice, ginger, nutmeg, and clove come together to create this rich flavor. Chai is a social tea that creates a welcoming space for families. It's traditionally boiled in milk and each family has their own unique blend. Chai isn't my favorite flavor, but I've been surprised at this tea! 

Vanilla Earl Grey: Early Grey is black tea made with oil of bergamot. It's my absolutely favorite type of black tea, so the fact that this particular one has the added benefits of vanilla (another one of my favorite flavors) and puerh tea is super special. There's a hint of citrus that helps this tea balance digestion, mood, and more! I've really enjoyed this tea with honey and a bit of milk. If you are a full on creamer fan, then that would do wonders as well! 

Epiphany: This black tea with elderberries & black currants provides a sweet berry type of tea that I was hesitant about at first but now love. This tea is to enhance the part of our body that intuitive, that helps us seek clarity and realization. 

Sin Eraser: Such an odd name for a tea! This Puerh black tea is made to help with digestion, liver function, and metabolism. It is a bold black tea with slight chocolate notes, which is why i love it so much. But be warned, aiding liver function means that this tea will help clear your system out, so if you have a weak bladder, I'd stay close to home! 

Earl Greater Grey: This unique blend is made with both black and white tea leaves and bergamot oil to give it its own bold flavor. Hailing from Rwanda grown tea leaves, this tea aims to support our digestive and immune systems. It pairs well with milk/ cream and honey, my sweetener of choice in teas. Earl Grey teas blended with bergamot oil have always been favorites of mine, however, this tea has its own flavor compared to others. I'd say I prefer the Vanilla over this one, but it's still a good tea for you bergamot lovers!

As I've had trouble sleeping in recent months, Magic Hour was also gracious enough to send over Child's Pose. This herbal tea is made specifically to relax the body and prep for sleep. Honestly, when I drink this tea, I feel my anxiety fog lifting almost immediately. It's funny how we let the stress of our lives affect our bodies, often without even realizing it! 

It's made with Tulsi plant leaves, an Indian tea herb that has been used for healing purposes over 5000 years! Those who practice with Tulsi ingredients have definitely developed the gold standards of relieving tension and stress for sure. It also contains roses and lavender for that herbal relaxing taste as well. All the herbal teas are caffeine free, which is a definitely plus when trying to fall asleep (plus ridding ourselves of the blue light from our devices helps too!). 

Each Magic Hour tea comes with steeping instructions as well as how many times the tea leaves can be steeped. I love the fact that leaves can be steeped more than once in a sitting because it gives you more bang for your buck.. and tea leaves! Now, if you are like me, you might not consider your water temp, but Magic Hour does suggest this in order to create the best cup of tea possible. Each type of tea-leaf reacts differently to boiled water and different temps are suggested to achieve maximum flavor and benefits. 

These tea blends are perfect for a wonderful Mother's Day gift! While I'm not into "detoxing" the body through hot tea like many are, I do believe that tea has this almost magical power over our bodies. Growing up, hot tea was often given to me when I felt ill or upset. To this day, I still drink it for medicinal purposes when I feel stressed, anxious, or I am having digestion issues. I do believe our ancestors of the past knew what they were doing when they gathered herbs from the fields and forests to create various tea blends, and I'm glad there are people out there today who can come up with wonderful flavor profiles that still benefit our bodies and souls! 

Magic Hour teas can be purchased individually in various sizes along with apothecary jars for storing steeped tea. They make it super easy to take teas with you for traveling by carrying travel tins in their lineup. Of course, check out the wonderful range of tea steeping products including the simple steep tea strainer for one, which I use a lot now! 

Magic Hours Vanilla Earl Grey Tea makes for a great choice when battling sinuses and allergies!

If you are bold and don't mind receiving different flavor profiles regularly, join Magic Hour's subscription service and find your healing teas in a monthly box, a 3-month membership, or a tea of the month subscription. Magic Hour is always coming out with new tea blends to meet the season. In fact, the spring blends include items such as mint, magnolia, orange blossom, and honeysuckle flavors. These are all in abundant bloom during the springtime, so it only makes sense they end up in herbal and flavorful teas to aid our souls and bodies!

Find your favorite tea for the most magical hour of the day-whenever you so choose! The beauty of Magic Hour teas is that they are created and intended for us to find the most magical hour and times in our day, whether it's at sunrise, sunset, or any hour in between. For moms in our lives, they have often spent so much time creating magic for us- helping us to be our best, helping us to have fun vacations, helping us to grow, play, and learn. Now it's time for us to give back and help our moms find their magical part of the day with Magic Hour teas!

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