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Something Special for Mom from Love Talla


Love Talla graciously blessed me with this treasured keepsake of my children's unique fingerprints imprinted on this beautiful necklace - thank you so much!

Yep, it's true - Mother's Day is coming up in just over a month on May 14th! This is the perfect time to start planning for "the gift" to show Mom you are thinking of her, you appreciate her and that she is irreplaceable in your life... no pressure or anything...

Well, for some of us, it's actually a lot of pressure! The present has to be meaningful, sentimental, valuable, enjoyable... and it helps if it is sparkly. Love Talla has our backs, y'all. These ladies have a genius, precious - UNIQUE!- idea for our Moms this year - fingerprint jewelry! 

The irony of giving Mom some kid fingerprints is not lost on me - we are usually wiping off the fingerprints from our belongings - but in this case, we are keeping them -forever! I have three kids - three very different, unique people - each of whom I have my own special relationship and struggles with, each of whom are inseparably part of me and part of my life. 

Love Talla offered me the chance to have a piece of their one of a kind jewelry made for myself and to share my experience with you all. First, let me say, I love the style of this jewelry - it is minimalistic and bohemian - and meaningful! That checks all the boxes for me for what I want in jewelry. Secondly, as simple as the design is, it is filled with beautiful detail. 

I chose to have the "Every Little Thing" three circle necklace made in yellow gold with one of each of my children's fingerprints. Each piece of jewelry is custom made and features your exact unique fingerprints set in your choice of silver, yellow gold or rose gold with tiny sparkly pave set cubic zirconia detail stones. Each piece can also be custom engraved for further personalization. 

I love that the necklace is inspired by the Bob Marley song "Three Little Birds" and is a reminder that "with love, everything little thing is gonna be alright" - something that I think of often in the midst of our daily trials and successes! 

The necklace is made of sterling silver, plated with 14K gold and has an adjustable clasp that allows the necklace to range from 16-18" long. One of the things I have appreciated most about this necklace is that it stays centered on my neck effortlessly! There is a slight weight to the circles that holds the necklace perfectly in place and you don't have to pull it around to adjust it at all! It's the little things...

I just wanted to share this very special gift idea with you in case you are looking for something unique and meaningful for the Mom in your life (or for yourself!). Getting the fingerprints to Love Talla to make is not hard at all - you just need a pencil, a piece of white paper and a piece of scotch tape. Or, if the fingerprints are visible with your phone camera, you can just send in a photo! I used the pencil/paper/tape method with my kids and it was very easy - you color their finger with the pencil, put the piece of tape over it to transfer the print and then take the tape and stick it to a piece of white paper. Snap a photo and send it in with your order! Easy. 

Want it? Get it!

There are many other options to choose from on Love Talla's website - so check it out here and see which style you like the best! They even have ideas for Pet Moms too! The ladies at Love, Talla are so wonderful to work with and I know they will be excited to create your special keepsake with you!

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