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Home Renovation Update- Looking More and More Like Home


Yesterday was the first full day that I have spent in our new house. While we aren't sleeping there yet, we arrived early in the morning and spent the day there, leaving just before dinnertime. We had a sunny Saturday (finally) after weeks on end of weekend rainfall. My husband took advantage of the sunshine and moved some furniture and lots of boxes from storage to our house. 

He moved my grandmother's table, all of our dining chairs, our dining room sideboard, and the small table, and chairs, and put them in our dining room with our newly hung light fixture. He brought in a box labeled 'dining room decor,' and I slowly opened it to be reunited with some things that make it feel like 'home'. Our kids were overjoyed to see some of our belongings, and I might have shed a happy tear or two.

The one 'put together' spot in our new home. A happy sight!

The main reason we're not yet living in our new house is that our kitchen isn't finished, and our mud room isn't tiled just yet. After those things happen, we can finally move in- for keeps! We already discovered that we felt like we lost the kids in our own house... not knowing where they were. We'll have to get our intercom system hooked up through Google ASAP so I can communicate with my brood.

Kids contained and content while mom and dad unpack.

We're looking forward to another work day at the house today. With the rain holding off, we can get more things done outside (like finishing out our rose garden) and then I can concentrate on indoor jobs during the week while the big kids are at school.

Let the fun begin!

What do you have planned for this lovely Sunday?

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