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5 Healthy Lunch Ideas That'll Satisfy Your Kids


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Every parent knows the struggle of figuring out what to make for their kids every day. While breakfast and dinner can be relatively easy, lunch can be the more complicated meal to consider. You’ll not only need to make sure it’s something they like, but also healthy. Why does that have to seem so complicated?

Thankfully, you can make it much easier for yourself with a few healthy lunch ideas that’ll satisfy your kids. There are more of these than you might be aware of, and you shouldn’t have to settle for choosing between something unhealthy and something hard to make. Five top options can be much better than you’d think.

Healthy, tasty, and much easier to make than you might’ve thought, there shouldn’t be a reason not to try them. Why not give five specific healthy lunch ideas a thought?

  1. Waffle Cheese Sandwich - While a waffle cheese sandwich seems like one of the more complicated healthy lunch ideas that’ll satisfy your kids, it’s much easier to make than you might’ve thought. It’ll also be quite quick and easy to make while also being tastier than you or your kids would’ve thought. All you’d need to do is put it together like you would a usual sandwich and then putting it into the waffle maker instead of a usual toaster. It couldn’t get much simpler than this. There shouldn’t even be much of a mess to clean up afterward, so there’s nothing not to like about this.

  2. Pan Fried Shrimp - Shrimp is one of the healthier lunch ideas you can choose from, with there being plenty of ways to make this, such as with this fried shrimp recipe. Most of these don’t need much time or effort to make and will be quite tasty. Since there wouldn’t be much of a cleanup afterward, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about. With a quick pan frying and relatively few ingredients, you’ll have happy kids with full stomachs before you even know it. Your kids could even end up asking for more. What’s not to love?

  3. BBQ Chicken Salad - BBQ chicken is always popular for dinner, but it’s not uncommon to have a few pieces left over afterward. Instead of throwing these out, why not consider turning them into lunch for the following day? By turning them into a BBQ chicken salad, you can make a tasty and healthy lunch faster than you’d think. Most of the work has already been done, so you wouldn’t have to put much effort into it. Since almost everyone loves BBQ chicken, you should rest easy knowing your kids will love the salad. Everyone will be happy before you even know it.

  4. Pizza Lettuce Wraps - Pizza mightn’t seem like a healthy lunch idea, but this depends a lot on what exactly you put on it and make it with. By getting a little creative with it, you can make it one of the more appealing healthy lunch ideas that’ll satisfy your kids. These pizza lettuce wraps can be one of the more notable options to pick from, and they can be easier to make than you’d think. Since it’ll be quite healthy and your kids should love it, there’s no reason not to consider these. Your kids will love them and have an empty plate in no time.

  5. Hummus Avocado Wrap - A hummus avocado wrap is one of the healthiest snacks or lunches you can make your kids, and it shouldn’t take much time or effort. All you’d need are a few ingredients, and you won’t even need as many of these as you might’ve thought. Once you have them in hand, all it takes are a few minutes to put these together. Despite how easy to make they are, they’ll be tastier than you’d think, and your children are sure to love them.

Finding some healthy lunch ideas that’ll satisfy your kids seems much more complicated than it actually is. It shouldn’t be nearly as difficult as you might’ve thought. Instead, it’s quite easy, as long as you know what you’re doing. Focusing on a few specific options could be all you’d need.

A waffle cheese sandwich, BBQ chicken salad, and even a hummus avocado wrap can be some of the better-recommended. Quick and easy to make, they’ll be tasty enough for your kids to love, so they shouldn’t have a problem eating them. It’s a win-win all-round, so there’s no reason not to consider them and make them for your kids.

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