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The Guide To Grab And Go Summer Snacks #MBPSummer20

Thanks so much to MadeGood, Good To Go and Wonder Drink for providing product to review. All thoughts shared are my own.

I've had the song, "Summertime" by The Fresh Prince stuck in my head this summer and I'm not sure if it's because the crazy school year is over or the pool is open, but I'm ready to have some fun this summer!

Who is with me?! 

Summer snacks are pretty important when packing up the bag that I tote along with me to our community pool or neighborhood park. 

I'm excited to share with you a few snacks that we have really been enjoying as of late! The convenience of grabbing a bar before we head for the door is something my family utilizes almost daily. However, usually the mainstream bars are packed with sugar and artificial ingredients that I'm not comfortable giving my children. 

One of my brand new favorite "grab and go" snacks is the "GoodTo Go" bar! 

Keto certified by the Paleo foundation (https://paleofoundation.com/)
vegan, grain-free, gluten-free, peanut-free and kosher
Non-GMO project certified
Made with real, tasty ingredients like coconut and raspberries
Delicious in taste and cookie-like in texture
Good for you and good for the planet (we are a B-corp and proud members of 1% for the planet
These bars have everything I'm looking for in a quick snack, but honestly, they just taste good. My favorite (not pictured) is the Cinnamon Pecan. It literally tastes like a freshly baked cinnamon pecan bar and probably because that's exactly what it is! 

Check out GoodTo Go if you're looking for a super healthy snack bar that meets dietary restrictions and just tastes amazing. Find a retailer near you that sells GoodTo Go bars via their website. Make sure to visit GoodTo Go on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to stay connected! 

While I love the above bars, my kids are gravitating more toward MadeGood snacks during our summer adventures. 

My 9 year old son is enjoying a Chocolate Chip Crispy Square and as you can see, he loves it! It is reminiscent of a chocolate rice krispy treat but so much more as it offers health instead of artificial ingredients and an overload of sugar. 

Some amazing details about MadeGood snacks:

6 hidden veggies in every snack
Free from the most common allergens
Certified organic, vegan, gluten-free
Non-GMO Project Certified
Safe for schools and super delicious

The Soft Baked mini cookies are the perfect sweet snack for your little one! Throw a few of these individually wrapped snacks into your bag and head out with your kids. When the hungry little hippos emerge, they will love one of these delicious options from MadeGood. 

Head over and visit the MadeGood website to find out where you can purchase some of these snacks and also be sure to stay connected on their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

You'll definitely want a refreshing drink to wash down all of these snacks! I've never been the biggest kombucha drinker but I fully realize how healthy it is and I want to incorporate it into my diet more. If you're like me and you're wanting to give it a try, check out Wonder Drink.

You can order a 3-pack for $14 on the Wonder Drink website or find a retailer near you. 

Prebiotic drinks are somewhat new to me.


Prebiotics are fibers, mostly plant-based, that nourish good probiotic bacteria in your gut. Other plant-based dietary fibers can be non-selective and impact growth of a wide variety of bacteria in the gut. 

The gut world is competitive, home to about a trillion microorganisms—both good and bad—that impact our overall health. Feeding the good probiotic bacteria with prebiotics can help tip the balance in their favor. 

In other words, prebiotics make probiotics happy, and happy probiotics make for a happy, healthy gut...which leads to a happy, healthy you!

This was super helpful information on the Wonder Drink website and I honestly never knew how important prebiotics were. Now that I've learned some information, I'm going to begin adding more prebiotics into my diet to help make my gut healthier. 

Kombucha might be an acquired taste for some, but I found these drinks to be pretty tasty. 
Your gut will thank you!

Check out Wonder Drink and also be sure to follow them on social media so you can stay connected: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

I hope I've introduced you to some amazing new summer snack options! We are absolutely loving these snacks. In fact, I think I'm about to enjoy a "Good To Go" bar right now! Happy summer snacking, everyone!


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