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108th Day Of The Year

It's not an especially significant day for me, but the fact that there have already been over 100 days in 2023 sure did get me thinking.

Have I been pursuing goals that I set out to achieve? 

Yes and no. I made it halfway through a 75 day hard program and injured my foot and was unable to exercise for a few weeks. You know how this goes. When you get out of the groove, it's so hard to get back in! However, I am all healed and ready to jumpstart my workouts once more so the next 100 days will be filled with a healthier me. 

Did I spend more time with the Lord?

Yes. This is one of the more important things I wanted to work on this year. As a family, we began consistently attending church in 2023 for the first time since covid hit. We would go sporadically, but we were not committed to our attendance. We collectively decided that we would make this a priority and I'm so glad for it. This is not to say that going to church automatically means spending time with the Lord. Prayer life, reading the Bible, praise and worship and fellowshipping with believers are all important parts of my walk with the Lord. This year has been rich with all of the above (some more than others at times) and I know God is near to me. 

Have I connected to old friends?

Yes. I've been reconnecting with multiple friends and it has done my heart so good. Some of these friends are far away and we rely on technology to stay in touch but I was actually able to have one of my oldest and dearest friends come for a visit last month. It had been two years since we had seen one another and it felt like no time had passed. That's the sign of a true friend. I've always tried hard to be an available friend but this year, I've pushed myself even harder to be invested. The year is not over and there are others I am desiring a closer connection with and I know God hears this desire and will make it happen!

Am I encouraging my husband and my kids?

I'm trying to. I've been working on being a non-reactive wife and mom. This doesn't mean I do not have emotional responses. I just want to be calm, collected and always see intention first. I'm only human. Sometimes it feels as though I'm talking just to hear myself talk and I feel vastly outnumbered in a house full of boys! However, I'm soaking up and savoring every fleeting moment with my pre-teens as they barrel toward adolescence at lightning speed. My hubby and I are not sweating the small stuff. We are trying to remain in a mindset of gratitude this year and honestly, it works. 

It's been 108 days. I've been to the beach. I've been to the mountains. I've celebrated a son turning 12. I've celebrated a husband turning 40. I've done a lot so far this year, but not every year has been this way. I've come to truly appreciate everyday and at almost 40, I've finally discovered how to live in the moment and see my life for what it is: a vapor that I plan on cherishing every moment of. 



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