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I am a Mom to three beautiful and wild children. My kids love stuffed animals - affectionately termed "stuffies"- and are always on the lookout for their next furry friend to cuddle. I think most parents will agree that there has been a general trend toward the popularity of stuffed animals lately with a resurgence of the TY brand Beanies and the Squishmallow brand stuffies - I think we have about 500 of the aforementioned at our house. 

In addition to my kids being "trendy" in this way, they also have some specific challenges that have been "trending" with the rise in diagnoses of autism spectrum disorder and anxiety disorders in children. My oldest daughter, who is 8 years old, has been diagnosed with ASD-1, which is a mild form of autism, and my middle child has been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder known as OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder). Both also deal with the challenge of having ADHD along with their other diagnoses. 

 One of the greatest assignments that Moms have is raising a child to flourish and function in healthy ways as an adult. Knowing what tools to give them is a big part of accomplishing that assignment. I embrace the value of diagnosing children early in life - not because it solves all your problems - far from it - but because it gives you insight into how they are gifted and how they are challenged. 

 I'm sure I will get to share more with you on this subject that is close to my heart as I journey with you on Mommy's Block Party but *this* post actually is focused on stuffed animals! But not just any stuffed animal - FluffyWeight Weighted Stuffed Animals.  

FluffyWeight stuffed animals are not only an "on-trend" toy and a great Easter basket gift, but they have a special superpower- they can help children self-regulate. What does it mean to self-regulate? Well, we all know what it looks like when we can't self-regulate if we've ever experienced a child's meltdown - or an adult meltdown! The brain switches to catastrophe mode - the little part of the brain called the amygdala goes into overdrive and we enter our "fight or flight" decision-making phase. Let me just tell you, decision-making in this mode is not often the best. Some children and adults live their lives in this mode the majority of the time - not by choice - but because their brain is wired this way. Self-regulation does not come naturally when your brain can't tell whether or not there is actual danger or perceived danger. 

A person who is struggling to self-regulate needs tools and coping strategies to help them get to a place of calm and feelings of safety. You may have heard of the "weighted blanket" as a tool to reduce anxiety and help calm and soothe children and adults who have a hard time settling down. FluffyWeight Weighted Stuffed Animals are a brilliant reimagined application of this concept. 

FluffyWeight stuffies come in three options: Fluffy Blue CatFluffy Yellow Dog, or Mini Weighted Puppy. Both Fluffy Blue Cat and Fluffy Yellow Pup weigh 5.5 lbs each and 22 inches long and the Mini Fluff Yellow Puppy stuffy is 3 lbs in weight and 16.5 inches long. The idea behind these adorable toys is that they are designed to not only provide you with a cuddly friend, but the weight of the stuffy is actually proven as an effective anti-anxiety tool for children and adults with self-regulation difficulties. The stuffies are filled with an all natural plastic-free latex filling that is securely contained inside the FluffyWeight cover. The cover is removable and machine washable and even interchangeable! The larger stuffies are great for children and adults and the smaller mini stuffy is a great fit for smaller children. 

cuddling at the start of a meltdown,
holding during transitions like travel,
going with you into new situations or environments, 
snuggling during medical appointments, 
sitting with you during schoolwork or quiet time 
or even dragging around for some heavy work therapy. 

Those are just a few ideas but there are endless scenarios where a little calming friend would help us all! 

My girls loved their FluffyWeight stuffies at first sight! They are just adorable and huggable and such a special treat! I asked my girls what they thought of these new friends - my oldest said "they are great for laying on when you are doing your homework and they feel good to hold because they are a little heavy". My younger girl said "it's so big and fluffy and snuggly!" - she is sleeping snuggled up next to her Fluffy Blue Cat tonight. As a Mom, I'm excited about this because the weight of the stuffy seems to make her feel secure in her bed - she loves to come into my bed at night, just to snuggle - I'm hoping that the FluffyWeight will help her feel snuggled right in her own bed! Her pediatrician has recommended giving her "heavy work" to do to help ease her anxiety. "Heavy work" is anything that requires pushing or pulling or lifting and it helps to alleviate anxiety - FluffyWeight Weighted Stuffed Animals are definitely a great tool to meet this need! 

Want it? Get it!

I can think of all the many ways that FluffyWeight stuffed animals could save the day for our family when we need it most. The best stuffy you can buy for your family is a FluffyWeight Weighted Stuffed Animal! With Easter quickly approaching, this would be a great gift for your little ones or any loved one! 
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