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St. Patrick's Day- 2 Crafts and a Meal


Happy St. Patrick's Day, friends! I just wanted to take a few minutes to share a few of my favorite MBP St. Patrick's Day posts with all of you. 

1. St. Paddy's Day Pot O' Gold Craft

How cute is this (mostly) edible Pot O' Gold?  A quick and easy craft that you can make today or save for next year. 

2. DIY Shamrock Punch Board

I still love this punch board Matt and I made for the kids a few years ago. One of my favorite memories is when we transported it to my Gram's house and she got to join in on the fun. This might be a craft you save for next year as it can take a pretty long time to put together, but if you are feeling adventurous enough to work on it today- go for it!

3. Irish Stew

We have been making this Irish Stew for a few years now. It always hits the spot! If you're looking for something to make for dinner tonight, I definitely suggest checking out this recipe. 

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