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Exclusive Sneak Peek! BobbiJeanK: Baubles & Designs - New Easter Collection!

Let me introduce you to your new bestie: BobbiJeanK: Baubles & Designs!

Bobbi Jean is a local girl with amazing creativity and unmatched ambition - can you tell that I like her just a little bit?? I first met Bobbi Jean about 9 years ago at her home where she was hosting a fabulous book club - with wine - in my neighborhood. It quickly became my most anticipated social event each month, and I genuinely tried to read the books and not just go for the wine and socialization... but the wine and socialization was great for a new mom like me at the time and Bobbi Jean was a fantastic host and a fast friend. 

Fast forward to today, and I get to return the favor of hosting Bobbi Jean on Mommy's Block Party! Bobbi is the owner of BobbiJeanK: Baubles & Designs - and if you haven't heard of her yet, consider yourself "in the know" now. Bobbi Jean designs and hand crafts gorgeous specialty earrings that are unique, affordable and CRAVE-ABLE! I'm telling ya' - you won't be able to get enough of these adorable earrings!

Not only does Bobbi make all of her earrings by hand, but she is extremely industrious and comes up with new collections and themes faster than you can click 'add to cart'! I'm thrilled to highlight her latest Easter Collection in this post and give you all the details on how to snag them for yourself - and- how to follow this chick and keep up with all the cool things she is doing! 

Bobbi uses materials like wood, leather, acrylic, clay and stainless steel to make her beauties and even hand paints some of them! Each pair of earrings is special and unique and is sure to be a treasure to be worn again and again. I consistently get compliments on my BobbiJeanK earrings!

Bobbi has a vibrant Facebook Community that is exciting to be a part of - she announces her new collections there and gives sneak peeks of her upcoming releases! Everyone is always on the lookout for what she is going to come up with next! Also, as a member of the BobbiJeanK Community, you get first dibs on the new releases before they hit her website. Check it out here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/bobbijeank/

***So, here is the SCOOP: Bobbi's Easter Collection is exclusively being released through her Facebook Community at 8pm TONIGHT March 16th! That means, be there and you get first dibs on these new designs! If you can't make it tonight, you should definitely check out her website on Saturday, March 18th so that you can purchase all your favorites when they are released for public sale. ***

Did I mention that these earrings are affordable? Currently, Bobbi's prices range from $6 to $24 per pair and she often offers special pricing on multiple pairs or sets. Shipping is super fast and is a flat $4 and is free on orders over $50.  

Did I mention that these earrings are awesome??? Oh, yeah I did. But just in case you missed it... they are awesome. Bonus awesomeness - Bobbi donates $1 for every pair purchased to research for the cure of pancreatic cancers in honor of her Mom. 

Snag your very own pair (or two or three) for Easter on her website at: 

And check out all of her other amazing designs featured there also!

You can also find BobbiJeanK: Baubles & Designs here on these social media platforms: 


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