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5 Things Currently In My Purse


Our purses and totes become havens for almost everything! My purse is large enough to hold snacks, books, planners, water bottles, and more! Being on the go means I often have things I might need.. and things I THINK I might need!

Here are a few things in my purse:

1) An extra pair of contact lenses. It seems weird, but I've been in situations where I've accidently lost a     lens before. Having glasses or contacts is vital for me to see.. well, anything.. so I try to make sure to     have one or both on me! 

2) Lip Gloss. I'm a lip gloss lover and usually have 2 or more tubes floating around my purse. 

3) Sunglasses: If my sunglasses aren't on my head, then they are in my purse. I try to protect my eyes as     much as possible!

4) Coffee Mug. Coffee is a staple in my world. My coffee mug travels to work with me and travels             home. It doesn't always reside in my purse, but if its empty (or liquid proof type), carrying it in my         purse is easy to be hands free. If I'm going off on an adventure, its a water bottle!

5) Books. Books, Planners, and the like often end up in my purse. Right now, its a book on gifts that our     church council is reading. 

What's in your purse or tote? 

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