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Tasty Treats Under the Tree With SnackMagic Boxes

Thanks to SnackMagic for sending this sample box in exchange for a review. All thoughts are my own.

Do you and yours live for snacks? Snacks help sustain us during the busy season as we prep and wait for Christmas. Sure, we can munch on all the goodness that abounds this time of year, but often those sugary treats don't fill us up or sustain us for very long. 

This holiday season, invest in a SnackMagic box for some great yummy treats that you might not ordinarily find in a brick and mortar store. Offerings include curated boxes, crafted boxes, goodie bags, and even bundles. 

Curated boxes are filled with items that follow a seasonal theme, such as the Happy Holidays box. This box features preselected snacks that the buyer cannot change out. Curated boxes are offered for $50 (14-25 items), $60 (17-30 items), and $99 (28-50 items). 

I was sent over a SnackMagic box that I was able to develop from the featured snacks. My box was approximately $45 and filled with about 10 items. I tried to choose snacks that I knew I would like, but that also were not too expensive.

I selected some pickles (need that salty goodness), cookies (of course!), turkey stick, energy bites, chips, and even a nut butter (vanilla almond) that I'm really excited to try! Snacks range in cost based on the type and brand, but these snacks are well worth it. They aren't the typical ones we can find at grocery stores like Walmart. 

If you like picking and selecting from a myriad of choices, then SnackMagic is definitely for you. If you are the type that gets overwhelmed with too many choices, maybe have someone else pick out your box for you! It can be a lot to go through and choose from- and can be daunting because you want to select the best items available. 

Snacks can also be purchased in bulk, which is great if you find something that you love and want to have enough of it to get through your week or month. 

If you create a DIY SnackMagic box, there are lots of categories that your items can come from! Snacks can include sweet (chocolate, baked goods, candies), savory (pickles, spreads, chips, dried meats), bars, dried fruits, and lots more! Other selections can include drinks (sodas, coffees, teas, energy drinks, and even mixers), pantry staples (salsas, nut butters, baking mixes, and even broths/soups!), wellness and home items, and even sampler meals!

SnackMagic would be perfect for students, young adults, and family that lives out of town. Maybe your 20 something doesn't need a bunch of snacks, but you know that their apartment fridge is nearly empty.. so send them a Superior dish such as pizza, bbq, or specialty gift baskets. Perhaps they have a special event that you can't make? Send over a delectable baked good or treat!

There are so many items in SnackMagic that everyone on your holiday list would enjoy! I particularly love the bundles available: from Stocking Stuffers to Rest and Recover to Brunch. Each bundle has items to match its theme, such as baking mixes, relaxing lotions, and delightful snacks. 

SnackMagic definitely needs to be on your holiday wish list! I can't wait to dive into my snacks, which will come in handy this Advent season! 

Thanks to SnackMagic for being featured in our 2022 Holiday Gift Guide. Head over to MBP for more great gift ideas. 

Want it? Get it!

No matter whether your SnackMagic box is for you or a loved one, go ahead and create a box full of amazing treats!

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