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Explore the Word With the New CSB Explorer Bible for Kids + Giveaway!


Many thanks to Lifeway Christian Resources for providing a sample of the product for his review. Opinions are 100% my own and NOT influenced by monetary compensa- tion.

One of my favorite scriptures is from John 1:5. "The light shines in the darkness and the darkness cannot overcome it." I don't really remember when I first heard this verse, as I attended Sunday School and worship from a young age, moving into youth group and college campus ministry at the appropriate times. Eventually I found myself teaching young people about Jesus, about the Bible, and about how God's light shines in the midst of darkness. 

I really want people to know that they are loved. One of the ways I encourage this is by helping children learn about the bible and giving them opportunities to pick it up and read it. I recently found out that my nephew does not have an age appropriate bible and was excited when I heard that there is a new CSB Explorer Bible available!

In my tradition, we used a version of the bible called the New Revised Standard Version, but I've found that this isn't really accessible for kiddos, let alone most adults. I could get into the theological implications of choosing translations that mimic the original Greek, Hebrew, and Aramaic languages, but the reality is, most of our families want translations that they can understand and talk about with their kids.

The CSB Explorer Bible is very easy to read and navigate! CSB stands for Christian Standard Bible text. It's a very easy translation that makes texts easy to understand, especially for children! This bible aims to get kids reading God's Word, points to Jesus, and helps kids use the Bible to aid in their faith growth. 

The CSB Explorer Bible has a few different cover types that are extremely appealing to persons of young ages. The one I received has pictures of rockets, animals, and even microscopes to remind us that exploring God's world is fun! 

Upon opening the CSB Explorer Bible, the reader will find the table of contents in two layouts. First, the traditional layout of the Old and New Testament books. Second, the entirety of the books in Alphabetical order. Following the table of contents, there is an amazing table of all illustrations that help children learn, point them towards Christ, and help them to better understand the stories they are reading (plus the culture and contexts surrounding). 

The next few tables include charts regarding exploration: creation, God's truths, characters, history timelines, and more! These are great for those kids who love to dive deeper.. or might be wondering about something! Recently, in children's church I was asked about what would have happened if there was no serpent to entice Adam & Eve. This bible is great for kids who ask inquisitive questions like that and can help parents field those questions that they might not be sure how to answer!

This bible has some great highlights while also showing off characters, places, and application messages. For example, in Genesis, I found a Crazy Cow Fact chart. This actually does relate to the scripture but also helps kids explore and grow too!

Each Bible Book has an introduction including authorship, audience, timelines, the "why", and even how the book relates to Christ. I absolutely LOVE these because too often, we read scripture and put our own context in it. Sometimes, we need to know the "why" it was written, especially if it's an Old Testament book, and we need a little understanding about how it relates to us as Christians, relates to Jesus, and relates to God's creation. For example, the introduction of Ecclesiastes reminds us that life apart from God has no meaning. 

Flipping into the New Testament, not only does each book, especially the Gospels, contain those little truths, explorer tools, but also helps kids even understand the Gospel texts by describing things like fishing hooks vs fishing nets, the amount of money that certain items cost, and even history and culture about the cities that Paul wrote about.

This is one exciting bible that is PACKED full of information. I highly recommend that you grab the CSB Explorer Bible for your children. It's recommended for ages 6-12 and is printed in 8.5 font. For those of us with eyesight issues, esp as adults, it is a tad bit small writing, but for our kids, I'm sure its fine!

Don't forget to check out the back, which includes a dictionary, maps, and QR Links for smartphones that don't grab them easily. PS- scattered throughout the Explorer Bible are QR codes that lead to videos and discussion questions for even more great bible learning!

Want it? Get it! 

This bible is available in 4 leather touch editions and hardcover. Purchase from Lifeway and receive 50% off using code EXPLORERGIFT50! This code is only good until December 31st so be sure to purchase early!

Want it? Win it!

CSB Explorer Bible Giveaway: 12/10- 12/15

One lucky reader will win 1 (one) copy of the CSB Explorer Bible. Must live in the United States.  Mommy's Block Party is not responsible for prize fulfillment. Please see our policies page for details.

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Thanks to Lifeway and Momentum for sponsoring this giveaway! 

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