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Why Are ACL Injuries Common In Dogs?

 Dogs are naturally curious and adventurous. They enjoy running and playing around. This repetitive motion puts them at risk of getting injured. They can easily injure their cruciate ligament. Here’s a comprehensive guide to ACL injuries. Read on!


There are several causes of ACL injuries. If your dog undergoes repetitive stress, it might end up injuring its ACL. Most canine breeds enjoy chasing and retrieving items. This repetitive motion plus sudden changes in direction can cause severe injuries in the knee joint over time.

The strain your pet puts on its muscles throughout its life can cause wear and tear over time. Being your weekend warriors, your dog will experience a higher injury rate. However, the good thing is that you can use a wrist brace for dogs to help them recover quickly. Common causes of ACL injuries include:

Lack of Exercise

Lack of exercise can cause weak joints and ligaments. Regular exercise can prevent your dog from developing a torn ACL. Plus, it’ll generally keep them happy and healthy.

Extra Pounds

Be watchful of your dog’s weight. Extra weight can make your pet more vulnerable to ACL injuries. And this could quickly result in severe wear and tear around the joints.


Do you have a busy schedule? Well, too much inactivity during weekdays, followed by intense exercising on weekends can cause your dog to overstretch and risk developing an injury.

Poor Breeding

Research has found that most ACL injuries are caused by bad breeding. How you feed your dog at a young age is extremely important. Overnutrition can cause severe damage to the hips. Plus, it can weaken their cranial cruciate ligament hence increasing their risk for knee joint injuries.

Early Warning Signs

Most dogs have underlying health issues. If you don’t recognize the early symptoms of such conditions, their situation might worsen over time. Most people aren’t aware of the subtle signs associated with arthritis. If you notice that your dog isn’t feeling well, be sure to inform your veterinarian right away. Don’t wait until your dog’s situation worsens to seek medication.

Key Takeaway

Protect your dog from ACL injuries by watching their body weight, exercising them regularly, and giving them a balanced diet. Don’t allow them to overfeed without proper conditioning. Proper supplementation is crucial for their joint development. It’s advisable to get an X-ray of their hips and spine to ensure their body structure is okay. Be watchful of the early symptoms of joint-related conditions such as arthritis.  


Is your dog limping? If so, then you should consider scheduling an appointment with an experienced veterinarian. Make sure they utilize top-notch radiograph machinery to identify issues and diagnose the specific condition. Don’t neglect your pet. Help them get urgent medical attention. This will speed up their recovery and assist them to lead healthier lives.

The Bottom-line

Many factors can increase your dog’s risk for cruciate ligament injuries. And these include lack of exercise, poor breeding, overextension, as well as, extra weight. You don’t want to see your dog suffer. So, be sure to help them avoid getting injured. 

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