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Ultimate Travel Checklist To Survive Chronic Incontinence


Aging changes your body in more than one way, as you do not look and feel the same. Your skin and hair bear the brunt over the years because they show the first visible hints of aging. Your energy levels drop, and the risk of chronic diseases increases. Urinary incontinence is one of the most embarrassing implications because nothing seems worse than a leaky bladder.

Leaking urine makes you uncomfortable, and accidental leaks in public are even harder to deal with. You may find yourself shying away from an active lifestyle and outdoor activities like traveling. But a leaky bladder should not keep you from exploring your wanderlust during the golden years. Let us share the ultimate travel checklist to survive chronic incontinence and enjoy your trips.

Discuss your situation with your provider

Urinary incontinence is an embarrassing condition, and you may have some qualms about opening up about it. But bottling up is the worst way to handle it because treatment is easy, provided you get help early. Start by discussing the problem with your partner, and seek advice from your healthcare provider. At times, the condition links with specific prescription medication, and getting a substitute can resolve it easily. A practitioner can help you with recommendations for diet and Kegel exercises as simple treatment options. Seeing a doctor sooner than later is a good idea if you have travel plans in mind.

Plan for the trip

Random travel is not the best choice for seniors, specifically if they suffer from bladder issues. You must plan your trip beforehand, considering the challenges you may encounter during the trip and at your destination. Long flights may not be the best option, but you can get a seat near the toilet to use it easily. Road trips are a better pick because you have the freedom to take frequent toilet breaks on the way. Also, choose your destination wisely according to your comfort level. Pick the timing wisely, as you may leak more frequently during the cold weather.

Stretch and walk during the journey

Experts recommend stretching and walking during long journeys as it helps with digestion and circulation. Even if it may not directly support incontinence relief, staying active during a flight or road journey keeps you from missing out on the urge to pee. In fact, you can use the toilet every time you get up for a walk. You are less likely to leak by planning loo trips every few hours.

 Dress appropriately

This one is a no-brainer because the right garments can protect you from unexpected leaks in transit and during sightseeing. While you must wear comfortable clothing and carry a change, wearing incontinence protection is a must. Heavy diapers are not a great thing to wear on a long flight or road trip. But you can try Zorbies Washable incontinence briefs because they are lightweight and comfortable, just like regular underwear. But they offer reliable leak protection that sets you up for stress-free travel. The good thing about the product is that you can pack these briefs easily as they do not take up a lot of space. Moreover, you can wash and reuse them, so they are light on your wallet.

Pack like a pro

Travel checklists for seniors tend to differ as they need to carry items like medications and comfortable clothing. But you have to go the extra mile when dealing with a leaky bladder. While traveling light should be a priority, carry enough clothes to address unexpected leaks. Pick more dark clothes with elastic waists as they are easy to change. You must always take along a change of clothing when you step out during the trip. Also, carry an adequate supply of incontinence clothing to last throughout the trip. Alternatively, washable underwear is a good choice as you can reuse them instead of packing loads of them.

Eat light meals

Light meals are easy on an aging digestive system. They are even more helpful for seniors struggling with incontinence. They prevent discomfort, bloating, and uneasiness during long trips. At the same time, they do not stress your bladder, so you need not worry about leakage due to a heavy feeling. Also, avoid bladder irritants such as tea, coffee, chocolate drinks,  soft drinks, and alcohol. Steer clear of spicy and acidic foods as they also spell trouble for your bladder.

Focus on good hydration

Although drinking more water means more toilet trips, missing out on it can be detrimental. Air conditioning is dehydrating, and you tend to be exposed to it during long flights. Dehydration can be hard for an aging body, so you must find an optimal hydration solution. The best option is to time your intake wisely, avoiding too much before the flight. But you must drink a few sips every hour. Also, stick with good fluids only. Water is the best drink to stay hydrated.

Train your bladder

Training your bladder should be the top priority when it comes to resolving urinary incontinence naturally. You must begin with the practice right after a diagnosis because it gives you better control over your bladder. The process is easy as you only need to time the gaps between your toilet trips. Start using the loo an hour apart and gradually increase the difference between the consecutive trips. Your bladder will train itself to hold for long hours after a few months of this exercise. So you must begin with it sooner than later whether you have a trip in mind or not.

Incontinence is not the end of the road for seniors, and it should not keep you from leading an active lifestyle. You can plan your trips without worrying about bladder leaks by following some easy lifestyle changes and practices. Embracing them will help you for the long haul, even while you do not have travel plans. All you need to do is be proactive to regain control and confidence even as you age. You deserve the best golden years, so go ahead and enjoy without worrying about incontinence.

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