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Top 5 Candies From The 80s to Soothe Your Nostalgia


Being someone who has spent his/her youth days in the 80s is practically a flex now. That era was something else, a perfect blend of modernism and centuries-old American traditions.

Now, to pay tribute to your 80s spirit, we have decided to take you down memory lane with candy from the 80's.

Here are some of the popular 80s candies that we bet you must have tasted back in the day:

Big League Chew Bubble Gum

The pleasingly sweet and chewy texture of this bubble is something every 80s kid still remembers. Plus, the bubble had a shredded texture which was quite new in the 80s; that explains why the Big-League Chew Bubble Gum became a kid's favorite candy.

It all started when Rob Nelson, the parent manufacturer of Big-League Chew Bubble gum, decided to look for a chewing gum alternative. 

Why? Back then, chewing gum manufacturers focused more on producing tobacco gummies instead of developing a more hygienic and health-friendly bubble gum. Take a bite of Big League after a Thanksgiving food to cherish it's taste better. 


Cow Tales

Cow tales was a revolution. The best way to describe the Cow Tales. You can make a careful estimate of the product's popularity because these candies are still available in many states all around the United States. 

Enriched in pure chocolate goodness and an utterly sweet vanilla flavor is how most of us remember this candy from our childhood days.

The Cow Tales candies were introduced in the market back in 1984. The candy comes in a long cylinder-like shape. 

The first thing you will bite after opening the candy will be an outside coating of delicious caramel. Inside you will find delicious and creamy vanilla you wish you could have tasted earlier. It's as better as a fortunate cookie. 


You guys don't need to tell us that Skittles was a popular 80s candy. We already know that! Relax, guys. We can tell you have a very strong sentiment attached to Skittles. 

We all have. Plus, only now, when we have families of our own, do we understand how crucial Skittles were in our childhoods.

Skittles are made of delicious chocolate bunnies coated with a flavored and colorful coating. There is no fixed number of Skittles you can find in a pack. But one thing is for sure, and you will enjoy every bite.

SKOR Candy Bars

The thin candy bar started a revolution. But how? Well, SKOR candy bars were officially launched in 1981. There was nothing special about the bar. Made brittle butter toffee enclosed within a rich layer of milky caramel.

There were tons of bars out there at the time that were made the same way. But what made SKOR different was its thin texture. 

Plus, the manufacturer's distribution strategy was really spot on, making the bar an absolute in stores all around the US.

Airheads Candy

We bet that you still can't forget the taste of Airheads Candies. Fruity and packed with freshness, this candy was the on-the-move snack for middle and high schoolers back in the day. There were so many fruity flavors to choose from, and every single one was absolutely delicious.

The showstopper was the 'mystery white' candy. You buy the mystery shite, but you never know which flavor you will get for the candy. It was always a fun competition to boast more about the unique flavors one has tasted through the mystery white.

Can you enjoy these Candies still?

This may be a surprise for you, but you can't find all the 80s signature candy treats commonly now. This doesn't mean that these candies weren't popular back then. 

But the influx of new candies and companies has also diversified this sector.

But there are a few treats like Skittles that will forever be a part of our childhoods and the upcoming generations. 

If you try to find some signature 80s treats, some US states still have specified shops for dealing in all the signature treats from the past decades.

Final Note

Nothing can wake up a tired mind better than something sweet. We hope you enjoyed your ride down memory lane with us to learn more about the candies we all loved to eat back in the day.

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